How Your Business Can Use Social Media To Boost Interest

Many businesses find that radio and TV ads still help them reach potential customers. If you want to get the most coverage for your dollar, though, you have to come up with innovative ways that your business can use social media to boost interest. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Use Photo Contests to Stimulate Interest

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Asking your customers to submit photos showing that they had a great experience using the products and services from your company, you stimulate interest by reminding them of how much fun they had while reaching new customers.

If, for instance, you ran marketing for Celebrity Cruises to Australia, you would ask former guests to submit pictures showing beautiful views from your boat. When other people see how amazing the views are, they’ll start thinking about booking their own cruises. You can encourage guests to submit by setting up a contest that gives them an award such as free passes or using their photo on future ads.

Make Facebook Statuses More Interesting

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Quite frankly, a lot of people have gotten tired of seeing lame Facebook updates from businesses. No matter how many updates you post, your fans will ignore them unless you have something interesting to say.

Try using interesting facts and trivia as your updates. For instance, you might update your status with “the X painted on Celebrity ship funnels stands for Chandris (X stands for the Greek letter Chi), a company that once owned Celebrity.” You could also include information about historic events and statistics. You could also pose the trivia as questions and give prizes to fans who answer correctly.

Make Videos That People Want to Share With Friends

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You have to get other people involved to get the most out of social media. That means releasing the kind of content that your fans want to share with other people. You can take this in several directions. In fact, you should try several approaches to see which options motivate your target audience most.

You could, for instance, make a short video of celebrities having a humorous conversation aboard your cruise ship. Maybe you hire Michael Phelps to swim laps in your ship’s pool or hire Barry Bonds to hit baseballs far out into the horizon. Have a popular band hold a concert on your ship, film it, and share a small section of it on YouTube. You could quickly generate thousands of hits.

Promote Your Charitable Contributions

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People tend to prefer companies that do more than just make money. Sponsor a charitable program and promote it aggressively on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Put the issue at the center of your updates, tweets, and videos. Putting your company front-and-center will just make people suspicious of your motivations. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t mention your sponsorship or slip in a logo somewhere.

Knowing how to use social media well can make your business much more popular. What are some of the most impressive campaigns that you’ve seen?

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