IKEA Creates The World’s First Website Built In Instagram

Every now and again, a brand does something that isn’t just totally unexpected but game-changing for the world of guerrilla marketing innovation that you just know you’ll be seeing mimicked and recreated by brands the world over. This is what’s happened with IKEA’s recent advertising campaign for their PS 2014 collection, imagined by Russian ad agency Instinct, by stepping way outside the box, abandoning all screwdrivers, to create a website on Instagram.

A Website Where?

Believe it or not you heard us right the first time. To advertise its new 2014 collection, IKEA and Instinct hacked Instagram to create their own catalog website with a series of interconnected accounts, and the help of the in-built tagging system. Basically, the PS 2014 collection had its own account, as did each of the 32 items contained in the collection. The accounts were linked with tags, which allows people to go between one product and another, as well as between one page and another. People could also participate and expand on the campaign by adding their own Instagram images of the IKEA PS 2014 items they purchased, and tagging them for others to see.

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IKEA Hacks Innovation

IKEA has always been a company that has advertised itself on hacking life. Throughout their life as a brand, there has been a strong focus on taking something and using it differently, or recreating what their consumers ideas are of certain things. This led to their wide range of multi-functional furniture, as well as with an outside IKEA trend of further ‘hacking’ their products by fans.

Both of these trends fit seamlessly into IKEA’s PS 2014 campaign, with the brand using all of this to their advantage to create a guerrilla campaign that isn’t just low cost, but seriously big impression. The simple novelty of seeing the Instagram medium used in such a unique way lends itself to the campaign’s viral nature, and to its success. That, along with their unstated claim as being the first to create something like an Instagram website (certainly, we’ve never seen it before), puts IKEA at the forefront of innovation both on and offline.

The Greater Effects

One of the most exciting things about this IKEA campaign is that it has taken an app, which many people use everyday without thinking much about it beyond the sharing of their own lives, and has totally thrown it on its head. The Instagram app was certainly never meant to be an IKEA catalog website, but the innovation of Instinct hasn’t just opened the doors for more use of Instagram in unusual ways, but more use of all everyday apps. In many ways, and again in-line with the IKEA philosophy, this campaign encourages people to think outside the box, and innovate in their own lives just by removing themselves from the limitations of their own thoughts.

Regardless of the campaign, and the limited time nature of the PS 2014 collection, we’re seeing IKEA’s campaign leaving a very big footprint. This will likely be seen both in brand reputation in Russia, and globally through viral sharing, but also in general guerrilla marketing innovation as more agencies and marketers build on IKEA’s foundations for yet more engaging and interesting campaigns.

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