How Instagram Was Used to Encourage Heart Donations #GiveYourHeart

In the world of organ transplants and the people who need it, reality unfortunately is at a loss as many people who could be donors decide not to, and this is a wide area where the black market cuts in deep with bizarre stories of people waking up with a missing kidney and so on. Over the years however becoming a donor has faced more acceptance and is easier than ever. You can even fill out to be an organ donor in pharmacies, and become a member of reliable companies and funds.

Eastern Europe’s case is more peculiar. The region has a big problem with corruption and there is wide room for speculation on what actually happens to the organs, so it’s very important to make people understand that this move is not a scam and that actual people will get the organs, for the benefit of the person who needs it.

A great cause

The video seen above specifically talks about donating organs in Poland, organized by, with a focus on the heart – a very valuable organ which obviously can only be taken once a person is brain dead, and through a rather sensitive and complex process. The ad is in Polish, and is aimed at a Polish audience, so anyone whose Polish is rusty will not fully understand the text. This is expected since it’s about Polish transplants for Polish people, and from Polish people.

What we see is a bit confusing at first, but then clears up: #GiveAHeart encourages you to take photos if you will be a donor, then upload them to Instagram and spread the word by tagging that you will become a heart donor. The only confusion in the ad is on how should the audience reaction be measured: are the people who click like seen as promise that they will be donors as well? Either way, Instagram is a great platform to spread social awareness over, and the idea of someone taking a photo where their hands belong to someone you do not see on the photo who will be receiving your heart is a great metaphor, and since we all love to take photos, it’s a great way to engage people.

Give a like

Giving a like – a heart in Instagram – is a great way of showing that you can also become a donor and give your heart to someone who needs it. The people taking photos also wear t-shirts with the company’s logo to emphasize what they are doing and to where they are donating. The video besides the confusion and language barriers is well done and unlike most donor ads actually shows everything in a positive light, because after all, you will be saving someone’s life and actually giving them your heart. The people who are donating are the focus, which is important because they are after all the true heroes of the advertisement, and for the people whose lives will be saved.

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