KFC Creates Tray Liner “Fakation” To Make Your Friends On Social Media Jealous

It’s not easy checking your social networks when you’re the only one left in the city, with all your friends posting sunny photos from the beach while having a great time. How do you keep up with them if you’re not able to go on vacation?

KFC Romania seems to perfectly understand the customers’ need to ‘compete’ with their friends through social media on the best summer memories, that’s why they decided to launch the concept of Fakation, the fake vacation that can still be used for social media posting. The idea addresses anyone that loves visiting KFC, but still looks for the perfect shot that will be posted on Facebook and the rest. thus, KFC along with MRM//McCann turned the KFC branches into holiday spots, with the use of the right tray liners and floor stickers. Teenagers discover that their tray liners are decorated with beautiful landscape photos that could make their holiday photos ideal, even if they are not actually on these places.

The idea of the campaign started as a fun way to promote their HotBox chicken recipes, with dishes that are inspired from Italy, Greece, and Spain and there wouldn’t be a better way to promote them on the customers that are still staying in the city during the summer! After all, they realise that their target audience would surely prefer to actually visit these places, in order to taste more such dishes, but as this is not possible, they are doing their best to make them feel closer.

KFC Romania and MRM//McCann seem to be aware that younger audiences care a lot about their image through social media and that’s what led them to the idea of the campaign. There are many users that feel the need to promote their happy moments through social media, even if they are not even close to what they are posting. And of course, the ‘Fakation’ could just be considered a ‘trollling’, a popular Internet term that is more popular than ever, testing the reaction of your friends through something unexpected, while making fun of it.

KFC creates 'Fakation' for social media fun

One way or another, KFC Romania managed to grab the users’ attention, reaching a young (and demanding) audience that had lots of fun playing with the visually appealing tray liners and posting several photos through their social networks. All they had to do in order to post such photos was to visit the local KFC branch and purchase a HotBox recipe, which ultimately led to an increase in sales, simply through a fun and modern campaign. This might still not compare to the actual holidays, but a ‘hot dog’ beach photo is always tempting, even for posting fun, isn’t it?

Advertising Agency: MRM//McCann, Romania
Chief Creative Officer: Nir Refuah
Executive Creative Director: Ioana Filip
Copywriter: Sandra Bold
Art Directors: Nadejda Ghilca, Bogdan Teodorescu

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.


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