Quechua Facebook Timeline Flipbook Campaign

Quechua Facebook Timeline Flipbook Campaign Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Have you done this before? Draw an image of a cartoon character on several pages of your notebook. Then quickly flip the pages to create the illusion that the character you drew is moving?

It is actually the same process used by old Disney cartoons. That’s how they were able to create 2D animated movies. That is the same process used by Quechua when they created the very first TV commercial.

About Quechua and the Campaign

Quechua creates eco-friends apparel, accessories and gears for mountain hiking. They are well distributed in Europe.

The intention of the campaign is to set the brand apart from other outdoor recreational activities brand by presenting their ad in a new way.

The Facebook timeline is one “device” that is yet to be used by any brand for their campaign.

The Details

They posted over 300 photos. Each photos shows the successive movement of a man moving through the mountains. Like the old cartoon trick, flipping through the photos will create an illusion that the man in the photo is moving.
To achieve the “movement”, you need to scroll down first for the photos to load. Once you are at the bottom, you need to press shift + space for the page to scroll up. Sit back and enjoy it.

The Brilliance

It’s a great idea. They are tapping something new, something simple, and affordable. It’s innovative but not expensive. It’s a client’s ideal campaign.

The photography will make you want to grab you backpack and hike.

More importantly, it captures the tonality of the brand. They are an outdoor. People would expect something rough but Quechua is the total opposite. They are all about the peace nature brings.

It’s easy for the viewer. You don’t need any special skill to see it. You also don’t need to download anything. Everything is right there on the brand’s timeline.

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The Issues

I hardly have enough energy and time to go through the timeline of my bestfriend’s page, for me to scroll 300 images for a brand may turn off some people. Given that facebook timeline also stops loading the page after a couple of image, it means extra work for the viewer because they will need to click SEE MORE RECENT STORIES to complete loading the photos.

Then there are other technical glitches. Pressing Shift + Space will not always scroll the images up automatically. Sometimes, it gets stuck in one image and you have to press it again for it to move.

When it does scroll, it could also do so too fast and it does not center the image on the monitor which completely destroys the experience.

I also couldn’t hear the beautiful soundtrack.

Several of my friends told me the same issues so I know I am not an isolated case.


It’s still a brilliant campaign and it is still worth checking out just cause. After all, this is officially the first time Timeline has been used for a campaign. I am sure that many other brands will come up with other strategies. When that happens, it would be nice to have some idea on how all those began.

Credits : Quechua / agence Kids Love Jetlag
FRED & FARID GROUP – PR Manager & Digital Communications Director

Quechua Facebook Timeline Flipbook Campaign Guerrilla Marketing PhotoQuechua Facebook Timeline Flipbook Campaign Guerrilla Marketing Photo

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