Schweppes Makes Smart Dress That Showed How Often Women Got Groped

Schweppes, a beverage company, partnered with Ogilvy Brazil to create a  smart club dress that was outfitted with sensors that records every time the wearer is touched. In a new campaign titled, “The Dress for Respect,” three women wore these dresses to a nightclub in São Paulo to track how often—and with what degree of intensity—women in Brazil were touched without consent on an average night out.

This campaign was meant to be an eye-opening way to show how bad sexual harassment is for women in nightclubs with over 86% of women say they have been sexually harassed.

The data collected from the dresses showed that in just 4 hours, the three women were touched without consent a total of 157 times. To accompany the data provided by the women in the dresses, we see a heat map video showing where these women were being grabbed: mostly the lower back, arms, and backside.

This eye-opening campaign encourages men to rethink their behavior and approach women with more respect. Consent is sexy!

Watch the video here:

Written by Ryan Lum

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