Social Media Marketing Lessons from Memorable Campaigns

If your business isn’t connected with social media, you may as well be invisible. What used to be true for the website and blog is now true of social media accounts. Some might say it’s “publish, or perish.” Social media offers businesses an extremely affordable and user-friendly means of promoting themselves, building their brand identity and generating goodwill among users all over the world.

Taking Marketing Beyond the Ordinary

However, with so many businesses making use of social media, it’s not enough just to set up an account and post generic items once or twice a week. Social media marketing offers far more potential than that, and businesses have been stepping up their game, pushing the envelope and taking social media marketing to innovative and memorable places.

Fortunately, if you’re stuck in a bland and unexciting pattern with your social media campaign, there are avenues of assistance available. If you run a sports-themed bar, restaurant or similar establishment, DirecTV (available through offers a DirecTV MVP Marketing Program with subscriptions. This program includes free marketing tools and support to help drive more traffic to your business. You’ll receive a kit that includes a customized merchandising and advertising website, access to the exclusive Sports Bar Finder mobile phone app, and acknowledgment of your establishment’s DirecTV subscription within the top online city guides for your area.

There’s also plenty of inspiration to be found in existing online social media success stories. Here are some of 2013’s best examples of how to use social media in creative, innovative and wildly effective ways:

New Ford Explorer Reveal

The Ford company employed an elaborate scavenger hunt to reveal the new Ford Explorer. Multiple social media accounts were utilized and the result was an immense amount of buzz and hype generated with social media users. The company benefited greatly from all of the attention, and the Explorer’s image as a hip and desirable SUV was enhanced.

Likes: 242,000+

The Kohl’s Cares Program

Kohl’s Department Stores created a social media campaign asking users to help them decide how to dispense millions of charity dollars to schools in need. The company received a landslide of Likes and has banked loads of goodwill in the process.

Likes: 10.5 million


Remember the 2013 Super Bowl blackout? Oreo riffed on it in a timely and provocative way by posting a single image with the text, “You can still dunk in the dark.” The post quickly went viral and garnered loads of likes and publicity for the beloved cookie.

Likes: Over 34 million

From Social Media to Multi-Media

As powerful as social media marketing can be, Ad Age magazine has reported that the most potent approach is actually a combination of media. Companies using campaigns that integrate both TV and social media seem to pack the most punch. Teens and young adults, especially, are consuming their media via multiple screens at once. More often than not, their laptop is open, the TV is on and their smartphone is within reach. Integrating social marketing with all media looks to be the next frontier of marketing, and the businesses that are able to master this will likely be the ones to watch going forward.

Creative Commons image by trekkyandy

Written by Ryan Lum

Ryan Lum is the founder and editor of Creative Guerrilla Marketing. He is passionate about creative marketing, social media and design. Connect with him on LinkedIn,Twitter or Google+


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