Tips to Advertise you’re Vending Business Creatively on Internet

There’s no doubt that your vending machines should be situated in high foot traffic and must be visible and accessible to your target market. If all things are considered, can’t you think of any effective way of marketing your vending machine than doing it online? The internet is teeming with potential customers numbering in the thousands, umm… nope scratch that, there are millions of connected customers that will cash in on your vending machines and you are virtually serving the world. These newer tactics can bump up your sales, and not go down like a woolly mammoth as some vending machines came to be.

Create a Website

If you still don’t have one for your vending machine products. You can commission a website designer or maybe use one of those do-it-yourself online services that provide you a variety of website templates, which you can design at, will. Make sure you select a template that is somewhat connected with the Vending Machine business.

Always keep your site basic, to the point where a visitor would only need a glance to determine what the website is for.

Incorporating Social Media

You may simply advertise a vending machine business with a revolutionary marketing approach. To get the word out regarding a whole new vending machine, you can start using Twitter or Facebook to spread the message across. Make sure you generate consistent posts on your business’ Facebook fan page. People who check out these pages frequently will know where they can get a quick snack in between classes or maybe in breaks during work.

You may also use Twitter to have the word out concerning a brand new vending machine. You may choose to host a promotion to acquire consumers using your vending machine .Individuals then can submit hash tags regarding the vending machine on their Twitter accounts and choose a winner from the group.

Then you can present the prize winner with a couple of free treats from the vending machine for publishing regarding about it on their Twitter feed. Maybe you might even web host a caption competition that provides anyone the possibility to produce captions for any of the stuff that should be in your vending machine. This really is an effective way to put together a number of interests for a new vending machine as well as outwit competitors in this cutthroat market.

As you may have heard about a South African brand ice tea called BOS, which claims to be the world’s first twitter activated vending machine. They incorporated a simple marketing technique when you send a tweet to the vending machines account ”@bos”, and its #BOSTWEET4T hash tag. The machine will give you a BOS ice tea free of charge. With BOS ice tea setting the trend, with this marketing gimmick as others now (like Tweet Cafe in Northern Ireland where you tweet your coffee drink) are also going the online route.

Without a doubt, one of the additional enjoyable types of marketing promotions that you may generate for a vending machine includes the utilization of Facebook. You can possibly include individuals who submit requests for their preferred food items to be incorporated into a vending machine. As the owner of a vending machine, you can take a vote of which food products should definitely be included. This is certainly a good way to establish certain interaction and build the customer base for your vending machine.

An advertisement promotion with some mystery may also work effectively online. Forward teaser e-mails that encourage consumers to your internet site on a particular date for a specific occasion or announcement, creating suspense as you proceed. Using this kind of marketing campaign by producing an internet based scavenger hunt, brainteaser, or hints that lead up to the big day.

Author: Victor McNamara works at Vending on Demand. Vending World is a leading distributor of used vending machines. They have been selling vending machines since 1968 and can fill almost all of your general vending machine needs.


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