Tweet to Eat Vending Machine Is Creepy Yet Supremely AWESOME

Walkers Crisps, an English company, have been running an extended campaign not unlike a number of other potato chip companies where they go to the people and seek new and unusual flavors for their products. The Walkers campaign ‘Do Us A Flavour’ has been everywhere in the UK for the last few months, and now that it’s time for the new flavors to be released, people needed something innovative and exciting to get back into the campaign. Walkers ‘Tweet To Eat’ vending machine is the perfect response.

Tweet To Eat

The campaign involved two unusual bus stop installations that included a virtual version of Walkers ambassador Gary Lineker appearing to be trapped inside the machine. The video of the campaign shows him interacting with people on the street in real time, waving, shooing them away and taking pictures with them. He holds up a hand-written sign to let them know if they tweet the advertisement, they’ll get a free packet of the chips. After they do, it appears to be him that gets the twitter notification, which he responds to by dropped a packet of chips through the chute, into the hands of the tweeting customer.

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Why We Love It

First of all, what’s not to love about this campaign? It has the generosity, it has the innovation, it has a sense of magic about it, but more importantly, it’s seriously funny! Let us break it down for you.

Innovation - Considering the amount of advertising material released into the world, there isn’t that much innovation happening. Yes, it does happen, and the results are almost always viral successes. Although this campaign is a recent release, we can definitely see it being heavily shared due to the innovative way that Walkers have used technology in their advertising. Not only have they made use of a favorite social network, Twitter, they’ve also used smart interactive marketing along with high quality video in a flawlessly executed campaign that both draws the attention and makes an impression.

Social Switched On - Campaigns that encourage people to share and talk about their campaigns as openly as this one don’t always work well. In many ways, the more successful campaign is one that people want to share on social media without being asked. This campaign is definitely an exception to the rule. The reason that it works, and the reasons that we like it so much, is because it does both. Not only does it ask people to tweet, to get something in return, it also encourages them to do so by the impressive and memorable nature of the campaign.

Funny - Campaigns that surprise people, and make them laugh, are often the most successful. The people waiting for a bus might be heading somewhere they couldn’t care to be, or they might have had a bad day, so seeing and being involved in the Walkers campaign is a great way to pick up their spirits as well as make them love the company and the brand.

Magically Instant - One of the best things about the Tweet to Eat campaign is the smooth instantness of the rewards system. The virtual Gary Lineker puts the chips through the chute, and then they’re ready to be collected. Participants know that the man in the box isn’t real, but the whole experience has just a hint of magic to it, and if that isn’t a perfect way to use technology we don’t know what is.

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