Street Art


Inside the Life of Graffiti Street Artist Berns

Meets Berns aka El Ultimo Inca (The Last Inca), a graffiti street artist from Peru. Berns graffiti style originated from the roots of his Peruvian culture and consisted of letters and bombing but has since transformed into something so much more...

Creative Bus Stop Art 1

One Bus Stop Gets A Unique And Creative Twist

We love seeing creative bus stop examples, and this one is definitely out of the box! A couple changemakers decided to work together and create a bus stop that actually spelled out the word bus. BUS is 3 large wooden sculptures that stand at least...

Artist: Seth

30 Fresh & Creative Street Art Murals

Street art is a fascinating art form that is truly guerrilla in nature. Sometimes illegal, artists still go out at night to share their art form with their community. Street art comes in many forms from stickers to many cans of spray paint. Often...

Martin Feijoo Shaping Clouds 4

Artist Turns Clouds Into Beautiful Works Of Art

We’ve all been there…staring up at the clouds imagining what they could be. If you use your imagination, a cloud could appear to look like a rabbit or perhaps a turtle. Everyone imagines a different thing, so it’s always fun to see...

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