Danish Guerrilla Marketing Agency Hvid:underlig Brings Street Art Online

Hvid:underlig is a Danish creative communication and advertising based in Copenhagen. I found this example to be quite refreshing as it brought the experience of street art to online.

Upon entering their agency website, we see a young woman putting up posters which turn into the website navigation. Once all the posters are placed, a young man comes into scene to put the final touches up.

It’s certainly a unique agency website!

Interview With Nicolas Bouvet, Founder of Une Agence Américaine

Une Agence Américaine is a communications agency based in Paris, France that specializes in RFID marketing, public events, street marketing and road shows. The agency is relatively new being a little over 2 years old, but they have big ideas. A pioneer in the deployment of RFID, a Une Agence Américaine thrives on new technology to amplify buzz.

Founded by Nicolas Bouvet, Une Agence Américaine has captured the attention of several large brands such as: MINI, AXE and Ben & Jerry’s.

You can learn more about the company and their services via their website at www.uneagenceamericaine.com.

Nicolas Bouvet, President & Founder of Une Agence Américaine

How did he get started?

Bouvet started at a marketing agency and worked with several big clients including Unilever, the parent company of several well known brands such as Dove, Lipton and AXE. After working there for several years, he later decided to create Une Agence Américaine.

What’s the deal with the name?

Bouvet was playing around with several company names based on several of his favorite songs; however, he settled on the name Une Agence Américaine as it had a certain ring to it.

“It’s unique,” said Bouvet. “When I tell people I work at an American Agency, I always get strange looks.”

Bouvet went on to explain that the ‘Une’ makes all the difference. For those who do not speak French, Une is the equivalent to the letter ‘A/An’ in English. So when he tells people that he works at An American Agency, they get confused and ask, “ok, but which one?”

“It’s like an inside thing,” he said. “People remember us because it’s a unique name. It’s quite funny.”

Bouvet also mentions he would like to expand his company to New York in a couple years and he has a love for the United States.

What are his thoughts on RFID?

Une Agence Américaine has been the pioneer for RFID use in marketing within Paris.

RFID, or Radio-frequency identification (RFID), is the use of a wireless non-contact system that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from a tag attached to an object, for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking. Some tags require no battery and are powered by the electromagnetic fields used to read them. Others use a local power source and emit radio waves. The tag contains electronically stored information which can be read from up to several meters (yards) away. Unlike a bar code, the tag does not need to be within line of sight of the reader and may be embedded in the tracked object.

In Paris, RFID use is most commonly known as being used in the public transportation pass, ‘le pass navigo.’ Bouvet started bringing the same RFID technology into his marketing campaigns.

Bouvet believes that RFID technology will become more popular in marketing and went on to say that it will become more integrated with our daily lives.

“People are catching on to RFID technology. They know what it is already and expect it to be used,” said Bouvet.

How did he use RFID for the AXE Boat?

To promote the launch of AXE’s new product, Une Agence Américaine threw a 200 person party on a boat. The agency used RFID technology to allow people to check in to certain locations on the boat and have their photo uploaded directly to Facebook.

Much like what you’d see at a nightclub, cameras were placed at special booths on the boat that would take a photo of your and your friends. By using RFID technology, a person would simply swipe their card and the photo would be instantly uploaded and posted on their Facebook wall.

Each partygoer would also be assigned with a specific number. People could ‘flash’ a certain person which would give them one point. A person could only ‘flash’ the unique individual once. At the end of the night the AXE party boat announced the top ‘flashed’ man and woman. Going along with the brand message that AXE would attract the opposite sex, this concept definitely reinforced the brand messaging. Awesome!

The Results:
8 parties thrown
1224 people used the RFID cards
6199 publications to Facebook
5140 interactions
325,571 people reached.

The agency just finished their 2012 AXE party boat. It was much bigger and better! Results and video to come.

Check out the video below from last year’s AXE Boat campaign!

You can learn more about the company and their services via their website at www.uneagenceamericaine.com.

Top 7 Guerrilla Marketing Agencies to Watch in 2012

All around the world, businesses both big and small are looking to guerrilla marketing agencies to help market their next big product or service. It’s becoming increasingly harder to capture the attention of potential consumers, so it makes sense that these companies are looking towards guerrilla marketing to help rekindle their love for unconventional marketing strategy.

The advertising and marketing industry has been quickly turning towards online and mobile. In a recent 2012 study by hubspot, smartphone users will reach over 106.7 million, 2/3 of web users will use social networks and online buyers will reach 154.6 million.

This means that there is a huge opportunity for guerrilla marketing agencies to do some street activation and low cost marketing campaigns by taking to the streets or by using online. Below is my top 10 list of guerrilla marketing agencies to keep and eye on for this year.

1. Tool

Is it a company? Is it a group of creative directors? What ever it is, they are awesome! Tool’s diverse roster of unique talent creates unforgettable commercial and digital content across all platforms. They most recently picked up a Webby in the Online Guerrilla & Innovation category for their ‘Take This Lollipop‘ viral Facebook application.

Just in time for Halloween, this haunting, live-action, Facebook Connect driven site dares people to “Take This Lollipop.” And with permission from a Facebook user, Take This Lollipop trolls through their photos, friend lists, news feeds and other personal information. The site then plugs the data into a web video starring a sweaty, disheveled degenerate looking at your personal information. With over 60 million visits and 10 million Facebook “likes” from around the world in thirty days, it’s now the most successful Facebook app of all time.

2. BBDO Toronto


Viral marketing? You got it! BBDO Toronto created a wonderfully funny viral video for skittles back in 2011 that got over 6 million views on Youtube. It definitely helped that it reached the front page of reddit. Did anyone keep their finger on the skittle?

3. Tribeca


Tribeca is a brand experience and social media marketing agency based in France. They also tasted the guerrilla marketing kool-aid. They’ve done some amazing unconventional marketing campaigns for some big brands such as K-Swiss, Sony and Google.

4. Space150

Although Space150 is more of a digital agency than a true guerrilla marketing agency, we felt it necessary to list them. Their recent work for major fashion brand, Forever 21, was truly a show stopper.

Forever 21 launched a new flagship store in Times Square in New York City and wanted to make a huge impact with an interactive billboard. The agency turned towards augmented reality to make the billboard interact with the crowd. Models in the billboard would pick up individuals or snap photos. The campaign was so successful that the city requested the billboard camera be shifted so that the crowd wouldn’t clog up the streets. The campaign was also the People’s Voice Winner for a Webby Award.

The Results

  • One Show Interactive – Silver
  • 10-minute average view time
  • 3,000+ tweets
  • 91,932 Facebook interactions
  • 470,000 in-links (reposts)
  • 364,000 daily visitors
  • 960 blog postings

5. Torke

When TORKE was born in 2005, entitled itself as “the 1st guerrilla marketing agency in Portugal,” in order to do something innovative on the market. Since then, Torke has looked at the agencies below the line, above the line, disruptive, of brand activation, brand entertainment, brand experience, creative hotshops, best Agencies of the Year at Cannes, best Agencies ever on the Moon and realized that, that title did not reflect TORKE’s true purpose: to be different.

Brands need to be continuously challenged. Consumers are increasingly more demanding and it is essential to constantly think of new platforms, new media, test other paths, have other ideas. And to be different, not just an integrated creative 360º interactive digital multi-disciplinary agency, Torke is, from now on, the Agency of the Month.

6. Alt Terrain

Guerilla Marketing PR Stunt - GoldToe - New York City

Adam Salacuse’s company ALT TERRAIN serves advertising, public relations, media planning and event marketing agencies as the industry’s premier resource for Alternative Outdoor Advertising, Street Media Campaigns, and Influencer Marketing. ALT TERRAIN is dedicated to creating nontraditional media that truly connects with people and makes an impact on their lives. Through ALT TERRAIN, he has contributed to the rise of world-class brands such as Microsoft, Disney, Motorola, EA Games, Converse and VH1.

Check out Adam’s exclusive interview with us here.

7. Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm

Saatchi and Saatchi is a very large advertising agency that also does some creative unconventional marketing such as the recent ‘Ariel Fashion Shoot’ campaign.

Laundry only really engages people when you get a stain on something you care about, like your favorite designer clothes. Consumers generally don’t believe there’s any major difference between the leading detergent brands. So how do we prove to them that Ariel Actilift is exceptional at removing tough stains, without boring them to death along the way?

Saatchi & Saatchi turned the most boring part of a classic detergent TVC – the product demo – into a live online and offline gaming experience where people could win the clothes they stained.

During six days anyone living in Scandinavia had the chance to get in line and control our customized industrial robot via Facebook and try to squirt real lingonberry jam, drinking chocolate and ketchup on over 1000 pieces of clothing passing by at high speed. The clothes included designer wear from See by Chloé, Vivienne Westwood and Hugo Boss amongst others.

To make the campaign as transparent as possible, they placed the robot in the middle of Stockholm Central Station. The rules were simple: aim, stain and win. When anyone managed to stain a garment we washed it live with Ariel Actilift and sent it home to them.

The campaign was quite successful in that they got over 1.2 million visitors to Stockholm Central Station to experience the Ariel Fashion Shoot over six days. Over 25,000 liked the Ariel Facebook Pages in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and participated in the online event.

Over 1,000 winners successfully stained clothes ranging from high-end designers to basic wear. These were washed live with Ariel Actilift and sent to the winners.

Brought and earned media equalled 5 million media impressions, 20 % of Scandinavia’s entire population.

They reached 35 % of our target group in half the time it would’ve taken with a heavy rotation TVC campaign.