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    Augmented Reality Smashes Through Metrocentre Storefront

    As part of the continuous drive to increase awareness and inspire action against drunk driving, Independent Events (IE) recreated the experience of drunk driving by via an Augmented Reality Pop up Shop in the UK. The virtual drunk driven car crashes into Metrocentre store front. The monitor of their chosen device serves as the storefront […] More

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    American Apparel Turns To Augmented Reality

    Clothing retailer, American Apparel, is adopting Augmented Reality to bring the online experience offline. By using the augmented reality application, in-store patrons can scan the item to see the product in different colors and read reviews by other customers who have bought that item. To be honest, it doesn’t seem like anything truly extraordinary, but […] More

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    Falling Skies Augmented Reality Experience

    If you’re a marketer and you get hundreds of people to act like dorks in the middle of public place where thousands of people can see them, you know you’ve made it. That is exactly what 5SEIS was able to do as they promote Falling Skies. Going All Out with Augmented Reality There have been […] More

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    Augmented Reality Applications – From the consumer to the business

    With the increased use of Smart phones and other mobile devices, augmented realty, or AR campaigns are a unique and smart way to reach your consumers. Instead of traditional methods of advertising your product, such as TV commercials, YouTube videos, or magazine ads, consumers can actually interact with your actual brand. This technology is able […] More

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    How Augmented Reality Mobile Apps Help Shopping Online?

    There are certain advantages for consumers who shop online. Price comparisons and customer reviews are at your fingertips. You can research your potential purchase and compare alternatives all without leaving your computer. Augmented reality apps are bringing that technology to the retail store. Imagine walking down an aisle at the supermarket. With one click from […] More

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    How Augmented Reality Apps Combines the Real & Virtual Worlds

    As a developer, I have come to know that mobile technology is becoming more real, while the real world seems to becoming more augmented. Statistics indicate that by the year 2015, there will be almost 1.5 billion downloads of mobile augmented reality applications to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. For anyone in the creative […] More

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    What Does Augmented Reality Look Like in 2013?

    Smartphones conquering the world, consquently applications entering every part of our life. Among them, Augmented Reality apps are more and more popular since they make everything – really everything – possible with mixing the virtual and the real world. Personalized license plate on your new car for free, driving a race car in Singapore without […] More

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    McDonald’s Augmented Reality App Shows Whats Inside Your Meal

    McDonalds has been known for several things: happy meals, golden french fries and unhealthy fast food are just some of what comes to mind. McDonalds has been known for their unhealthy fast food made famous by Morgan Spurlock’s film, “Supersize me.”  Well, DDB Australia is here to help combat that idea with one of their latest […] More

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    Unilever Uses Augmented Reality (AR) To Spread Digital Romance

    Unilever, a global hygiene and personal care brand, decided to take the digital route in one of their recent campaigns. 5SEIS, an audiovisual design agency based in Argentina, partnered up with the company to bring us this wonderfully interactive augmented reality campaign. The campaign was launched in Buenos Aires, Argentina to promote one of their […] More

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    Observations on Augmented Reality (AR) Android Applications

    As a new immersive technology for smart phone users, augmented reality (AR) for Android applications are destined to become commonplace on every smart phone in the next couple of years.

    What Exactly Is Augmented Reality (AR) in the World of Android Applications?

    Augmented reality can be described as viewing a physical or real image with components or elements that have been modified, using computer-generated effects. Often, the results will provide an enhance perception of the image in real time. The limitations of this feature are only constrained by the imagination of the developers.

    Practical applications might include super-imposing a virtual scoreboard over the streaming image of a sports game that is being viewed on the smart phone or tablet. More

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    Combining 3D Chalk Art and Augmented Realty

    Don’t confuse technology with innovation and never ever think that technology is a milestone. Great campaigns are the simplest ones. The only thing that’s necessary to create a great campaign is a great message… a great idea. It is most likely why traditional art will remain the best method to use in marketing and advertising. […] More

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    InsideAR Augmented Reality Conference 2012

    Oktoberfest, a 16-day festival held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany is a festival to celebrate beer. Millions of people from all around the world come to Munich to partake in Oktoberfest and binge drinking. I quickly found myself booking a flight to Munich, but not primarily for this reason. As soon as I found myself in Munich, […] More

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