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    Renault Clio: The First Car Carried By Facebook Likes

    The automobile industry seems to be the most active, brave and willing to come up with non traditional campaigns and also the most eager to use social networking sites to augment their campaign. Renault recently fully integrated facebook in their campaign in what could be dubbed as their most facebook-dependent campaign ever. Mechanics Renault put […] More

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    50 Rockstar Google+ Brand Page Designs For Inspiration

    Following up on our 30 Creative Facebook Timeline Cover Photos Article, we wanted to showcase some of the coolest Google+ Brand Pages we’ve seen since the new design. Google+ recently got a facelift for profile/brand pages. The new Google+ design features a much larger cover photo design and rounded profile photos. Users will also start to […] More

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    The Real Difference Between Google and Facebook Ads

    For some people who enjoy reading different charts and graphs comparing Google AdWords to Facebook’s Marketplace Ads, there seems to be no contest. Yes, the truth of the matter is that Google has more ad effectiveness for what Google is. Then again, that’s because of what Google is – an entire search engine that is […] More

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    3 Lessons to learn from Oreo’s Killer Popular Culture Marketing

    Oreo is at the forefront of pop culture. They’re part of the biggest social events and social movements today. Is this because they’re a delicious snack treat? No. It’s because they’re marketing is built around the most-talked about issues and events in a way that is visual, simple and sharable. Here are three lessons on […] More

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    Comedians and Musicians Embrace New Media

    The internet has created an unprecedented opportunity for musicians, comedians and artists of all types to break free of the large media companies and promote and sell their content online themselves. New platforms and technology have made content distribution and discovery cheap and easy for artists and fans. They’ve also done the same for content […] More

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    Is Marketing in Social Games Financially Worth It?

    Marketing in social games can be an interesting prospect for businesses of all sizes, but unlike other social media investments, it can cost a substantial amount of money. Social games are incredibly popular, with about 53% of Facebook users, in particular, playing social games. When you’re talking about 53% of millions of people, that’s not […] More

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    Quechua Facebook Timeline Flipbook Campaign

    Have you done this before? Draw an image of a cartoon character on several pages of your notebook. Then quickly flip the pages to create the illusion that the character you drew is moving? It is actually the same process used by old Disney cartoons. That’s how they were able to create 2D animated movies. […] More

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    The Facebook Album Flipbook by Volkswagen Amarok

    McCann Erickson Istanbul created a unique experience that can only be seen in Facebook. By using a little over 200 images, they created a Facebook album flipbook. Simply by using the right arrow on your keyboard, the user can see the car drive through a landscape. It’s truly a unique experience that got several hundred likes […] More

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    9 Creative Street Art Examples Inspired By Facebook

    Social media networks influence many aspects of our lives. Arguably the largest social media site, Facebook, had over  845 million monthly active users at the end of December 2011. Approximately 80% of our monthly active users are outside the U.S. and Canada. It was only a matter of time before the social media site influenced our art. […] More

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    Coca-Cola’s Facebook Engagement Strategy

    By now you’ve probably noticed a lot of brands switching over to the new Facebook Timeline design. Some companies such as Coca-Cola will be trying some new engagement strategy. Coca-Cola has figured out a new and creative way to engage its 40+ million Facebook fans by asking riddles. The riddles ended up leading the user […] More

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