Air France Launches The Upgrade Challenge Social Game

Every passenger hopes for the opportunity to get a free upgrade to the business class when flying. To help raise awareness of the launch of Air France’s new business class cabins in Asia, Fred & Farid Shanghai created a social game in which travelers could compete for a chance to win a free upgrade to business class just prior to boarding.

The agency started transforming the boarding gates of Changi Airport in Singapore and Kansai Airport in Osaka, Japan, into social gaming arenas where passengers could download a mobile game (similar to fruit ninja) and try to get a high score. Over 400 passengers were invited to compete against one another during their wait and monitor all the competitors on a large scoreboard.

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At the end of the competition, the top scorers were then instantly upgraded to the business class. The competition has since been extended to a regional level in which all Air France passengers flying from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia or Japan can now compete against each other.

Want to download the game and give it a go? Download the app.

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Agency: Fred & Farid Shanghai
Chief Creative Officers (CCO): Fred & Farid
Creative Director: Gregoire Chalopin
Copywriters: Adrien Goris – Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec – Joseph Davies
Art Directors: Pierrick Jegou – Nicolas Liberman – Zhang Ying – Jihjan Lee – Anna Liu
Brand Supervisors: Antoine Peigner – Sandy Poon
Account Supervisors: Guillaume Leroux – Louise Battus
Agency producer: Louise Battus
Digital producers: Benoit Petrus – Boris Leconte
Director: Giovanni Fantoni Modena
Production: Hurrah!
Producer: James Rotherham – Bellinda McCulloch
Digital Production: Mediasia Interactive
Game Developer: Nicolas Liatti
Post-production: KILLDEATH
Post-producer: Yael Eligoulachvili
Media: Julien Leveque, Lauren Godet, Liao Liang, Yan Zhang

The First “Glam Dog Digital Fashion Show” in Shanghai by Glamour Sales

China remains a tricky market especially for luxury brands. It’s economic revolution is still underway and far from being complete. Their social revolution is pushing forward but their largely and still conservative government is doing everything it can to pull to pull it back. Penetrating the luxury market is like playing the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die.

Glamour Sales understand this well. It understands that they need to be gutsy if they want to leave a mark. They needed to take a calculated risk, an intelligent bet and some serious creativity.

Glamour Sales

Glamour Sales is a young luxury clothing and accessories brand in China. Their sell their stuff almost exclusively online. However, they already have a very strong presence in the market. In fact, their website gets four million visits monthly. That’s not bad for a new brand but it is natural for them to want more especially because they are seeing that their customer acquisition is starting to plateau.


They wanted to accomplish two things, reinforce and strengthen the image of their brand and increase their sales. That’s not easy to do but not impossible either. And they proved it.

Like any fashion brand, they looked to have an image model. After all, even the most elite does it. However, they couldn’t just settle for any mother model. They needed someone to stand out but flexible too. They cannot afford to get tied to strict contracts that will only limit their marketing instead of expand it.

They Found Him

Fred & Farid Shanghai found someone that beat all the models they short listed, better than any celebrity or celebrity top model. It has an unparalleled sexiness and unblemished reputation. They chose a dog.

They selected a ‘spokes dog’,  a dog that was downright glamorous that not a single soul China would deny it. It was called the Glam Dog.

Fred & Farid Shanghai organised a “Glam Dog Fashion Show” directly on the famous Bund in Shanghai. The video of the fashion show  went viral with a total number view of 2.650.000.

The Glam Dog also became the brand’s community manager on Weibo, WeChat and other digital platforms for Glamour Sales.

Analysis and Result

The one thing they got right is getting something that nobody can hate to represent their brand. Even non-dog lovers are very rarely god haters. Even those who can’t get a dog as a pet would still find dogs cute. It is just simply irresistible. Those who don’t have a dog either don’t have the time to take care of one or aren’t really into getting pets but those who do have one means they have the disposable income to spend on a dog.

Being a luxury brand, that’s what they are going for.

Globally, the fans were fascinated by this “Puppylarity”. The Glam Dog campaign succeeded in attracting Chinese’s netizen’s attention, and helped busting the traffic on brand’s website from 4 millions to 6 millions, with sales increased by 47% during the period.


Campaign: GLAM DOG
Executive Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Creative Directors: Feng Huang, Gregoire Chalopin
Art Director: Linh Vu
Copywriter: Aser Cao
Agency Producers: Terry Jin, Chen Wang
Account Director: Crystal Liu
Account Manager: Chan Li
Event Production: K2 Asia
Film Post-Production company: Blow-Up

Porsche Creates Interactive Keyboard Powered by Porsche 911s

In late 2013, the Porsche 911 celebrated its 50th anniversary. For this celebration, they wanted to do something unique that also commemorated the history of the vehicle. They partnered with Fred & Farid to build a fun and interactive website that allowed people to hear the sounds of the 911 and make music from it.

They recorded the sound of the different engines to build a musical keyboard that users could control. The idea was to create an interactive website that would drive Porsche 911 enthusiasts bonkers.

Play it here 

The Results

  • The viral video has achieved 2,840,316 views throughout the domestic and overseas channels during two month.
  • The 911 “piano” game was largely welcomed, which has been played over 1,862,717 times all over the world.
  • On Weibo, China’s social media, the campaign has created great buzz. Posts about the video and game have received 43,098 retweets or comments.


Campaign: 911 BIRTHDAY SONG
Executive Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Creative Directors: Feng Huang, Gregoire Chalopin
Associate Creative Director: Laurent Leccia
Art Director: Laurent Leccia
Copywriters: Laurent Leccia, Adrien Goris, Jean Baptiste Le Divelec
Brand Supervisors: Carsten Balmes, Estella Yang, Logan Xu, Bob Shen
Agency Producers: Alexandra Marik, Terry Jin
Account Director: Vivian Wang
Account Manager: Kylie Wang
Director: Jan Richter-Friis
Production Company: RSA Films Asia
Executive Producer: John Payne