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    50 Rockstar Google+ Brand Page Designs For Inspiration

    Following up on our 30 Creative Facebook Timeline Cover Photos Article, we wanted to showcase some of the coolest Google+ Brand Pages we’ve seen since the new design. Google+ recently got a facelift for profile/brand pages. The new Google+ design features a much larger cover photo design and rounded profile photos. Users will also start to […] More

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    The Real Difference Between Google and Facebook Ads

    For some people who enjoy reading different charts and graphs comparing Google AdWords to Facebook’s Marketplace Ads, there seems to be no contest. Yes, the truth of the matter is that Google has more ad effectiveness for what Google is. Then again, that’s because of what Google is – an entire search engine that is […] More

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    What should social marketers know about the new Google+ redesign?

    Google recently completed the first major redesign of its social networking platform Google+. Although the site has not even been available for a full year, you might say this makeover was overdue seeing how it has “supposedly” been struggling to gain ground in the increasingly competitive social space. The recent changes not only affect users, […] More