Guerilla Marketing and Spam: What Smart Consumers Know and How to Respond

The global spammer community makes about $200 million from its collective online efforts, according to a study published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives. But those revenues are only a small fraction of the $20 billion societal cost suffered every year in the United States alone. In other words, spammers may not be getting filthy rich, but they’re doing a lot of damage to entire communities and countries.

As a result, many consumers are leery of any aggressive emails or other digital content that comes their way, fearing it’s the work of a scam artist. Sometimes, they can get the wrong impression from guerrilla marketing efforts, which typically utilize low-cost, high-visibility and sometimes unorthodox means of consumer engagement—not unlike the methods spammers use. In many cases, the consumer cannot differentiate one from the other and will err on the side of safety. How do you tailor your marketing campaign in a way that doesn’t turn off your target audience? Think from the consumers’ perspective.

Don’t Send Unsolicited Email

One of the most important rules about effective guerrilla marketing tactics is that direct marketing materials— at least those using digital technology— be dispensed only to the consumers soliciting them in the first place. While consumers might be fine with receiving direct mail marketing materials in their postal mail box, they tend to be much more protective of their email inbox.

A major factor in that mindset is that unsolicited emails tend to be nefarious in nature. Because spam is almost always unsolicited, it’s important for guerrilla marketing efforts to distinguish themselves from this type of content. And besides, good marketers understand that unsolicited materials are highly unlikely to result in positive actions. Make sure your email campaign includes the source of where the consumer subscribed to the email list. Email marketing giant MailChimp lists pointers like this tips to avoid being marked as spam.

Attach to a Familiar, Reputable Email Address to Your Campaign

You’ve seen this scenario before. You get an email purporting to be Bank of America, telling you that your account needs attention because of a security compromise. The email appears to be legitimate, and you begin to worry about your account. But then you look at where the email was sent from, and the site domain in the email address is indecipherable or unfamiliar— and, most importantly, nothing associated with Bank of America. You need look no further— this is a blatant attempt at spamming. Legitimate companies will make sure you can trace that email back to an established, reputable website. Spammers, on the other hand, won’t.

Be mindful of this when deploying your guerrilla marketing content. Avoid long, cutesy or impersonal email addresses. Also, use a familiar “from” name for the email. These simple tactics will increase your chances of not being marked as spam, notes Mass Transit.

Don’t Ask for Personal Info Without a Security Certificate

Ultimately, most spammers are going after your personal information— bank account numbers, credit cards, Social Security numbers and so on. This is a red flag to most consumers. The best way to protect your content from being flagged as spam is to enlist the digital protection and support of companies such as Lifelock, which monitor identity and catch theft attempts right where they start. By investing in those services, you demonstrate that you understand the importance of your target audience’s personal information. Spammers obviously won’t make that effort.

Kyle Iverson is a business marketing grad from the East coast who spends his time writing about social demographics and going to trade shows.

5 Timeless and Trusted Marketing Tactics for Your Small Business

With so much focus being put on digital marketing, it’s easy for small business owners to overlook the timeless and trusted marketing tactics that have worked for years. If you want to compete in your highly competitive sector of the economy, it’s vital to promote your business and highlight the value that you offer consumers. Doing this doesn’t have to cost you a fortune when you’re smart and creative. Here are five timeless marketing tactics that you can use to communicate your marketing message to today’s modern consumer.

Direct Mail Marketing to a Qualified List

You can’t expect to be successful when you send direct mail to a long list of individuals, but if you have a list of qualified leads, you can earn a sizable return on your investment. With so many large corporations and medium-sized businesses marketing via an email inbox, there’s less competition in the actual mailbox. Capture the attention of your audience, build trust, and persuade your reader to take action.

Partnering with a Neighbor

Networking is a marketing tactic that’s been used for decades. By partnering with a business in an unrelated industry, you can benefit from referrals that your neighboring businesses send your way. Clients who put trust in one business are more likely to put trust in another business that is recommended.

Give Away Promotional Gifts That Are Branded and Useful

Just because you don’t earn the business of a prospect on the first contact doesn’t mean you’ve missed out on the opportunity. By giving your prospects promotional gifts that are imprinted with your marketing message and company logo, you can keep your company name in the prospect’s mind. The secret is that these branded promotional products are useful to consumers. Try using tote bags personalized with your logo to build brand awareness and generate good will among consumers and potential customers.

Participate in Industry Tradeshows

Tradeshows have been the premium marketing venues for small and large businesses alike for centuries. If there is an industry tradeshow coming to your area, consider buying space as an exhibitor or serving as an expert speaker. If you do have a booth, persuade attendees to come to your booth by giving away promotional gifts such as custom bags that are imprinted with your contact details. In this way, you will be able to market well after the event is over.

Sponsor a Community Event

If there are fairs and other expos in your community, become a sponsor. Unlike a tradeshow, these events are designed for local businesses to market to a specific community. This local marketing tactic is a great way for you to build a good reputation as a member of the community.

While digital marketing is important in today’s technological world, if you want to compete, don’t overlook the timeless strategies that still work today. Sometimes high-touch strategies are just as effective as those that are high-tech.

Björn Borg Creates Online Photo Gallery via Instagram

Björn Borg is a underwear company that prides itself on their fun & colorful design. They decided to create #unforgettablenight, a guide through nightlife around the world through an online exhibition.

The site is a digital exhibition wall for nightlife photographers from all around the world and will work as a photo feed available for anyone to join. It is a photo exhibition, a nightlife guide and a source of inspiration for people living unforgettable lives.  A total of six new photographers, one per week will be unveiled on the site. The photographers from Copenhagen, Paris, London, Milan, Stockholm and Amsterdam will showcase fifteen unique photos each, portraying their own unforgettable night spent in six different parts of the world.  Through their images we will be able to compare the nightlife of the six different cities and how to make a night unforgettable.

What’s more, the unforgettable night online exhibition is open for all nightlife enthusiasts to showcase photos from their own unforgettable nights. By hash tagging Instagram photos with #unforgettablenight photos will automatically be included in the unforgettable exhibition at

Advertising Agency: VICE Nordics

THE NIGHT was a crazy blend of horny beautifulpeople, amazing moments and voluptuous dance. I don’t think I’ve ever seen crowd surfing on a Thursday night before – an unforgettable night captured by me.- MISS POPO’s Complete photo story


THE NIGHT was a crazy blend of horny beautifulpeople, amazing moments and voluptuous dance. I don’t think I’ve ever seen crowd surfing on a Thursday night before – an unforgettable night captured by me.- MISS POPO’s Complete photo story

THE NIGHT was a crazy blend of horny beautifulpeople, amazing moments and voluptuous dance. I don’t think I’ve ever seen crowd surfing on a Thursday night before – an unforgettable night captured by me.- MISS POPO’s Complete photo story

THE NIGHT was a crazy blend of horny beautifulpeople, amazing moments and voluptuous dance. I don’t think I’ve ever seen crowd surfing on a Thursday night before – an unforgettable night captured by me.- MISS POPO’s Complete photo story

4 Amazing Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

If you really want to make an impact, guerrilla marketing could be the best way to go. It’s one of the most popular marketing techniques out there, and if your guerrilla ad works it could just give your brand the interest it needs.

Everything from flash mobs to sticker bombing stunts has been carried out before, and guerrilla marketing is getting more and more daring by the day.

If you’re thinking about orchestrating a guerrilla ad, why not take inspiration from some of the greats?

Here are four of the best guerrilla ads for you to analyse:

1) Nivea’s Ultimate Stress Test

Earlier in February 2013 Nivea decided to advertise its new product, Stress Protect Deos. This new deodorant is supposed to protect you from sweating when under stress, and the ingenious guerrilla ad that went with it certainly highlighted why you need Stress Protect Deos in your life.

Filmed at an airport by the agency Felix & Lamberti, the stars of the video were made to think the police were after them. They saw their pictures on the front page of the newspaper and on the news, and their appearance is described over the intercom. Just when they’re really starting to get flustered, men dressed in police uniforms emerged only to open a briefcase containing a free bottle of Stress Protect Deos.

2) Tic Tac’s Fainting Flash Mob

Tic Tac decided to highlight its breath freshening qualities by performing a deceptively simple flash mob campaign. Set in locations around Paris and orchestrated by the French Ogilvy & Mather agency, a number of people are casually approached by actors that ask them for directions.

When the people go to reply, the actors – and every single person around them – faint. The people’s reactions are priceless – one guy simply ups and runs away, and you really can’t blame him.

Still incredibly confused by what’s going on, the people are then handed a packet of Tic Tacs by one of the supposedly-passed-out actors, revealing that it was all just a prank.

3) WWF’s Papier-mâché Pandas

This guerrilla ad by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) was designed to highlight the fact that there are barely any pandas left in the wild. It was carried out back in 2008, when official figures showed that there were just 1,600 wild pandas left.

To make people sit up and take action, the WWF created 1,600 pandas made from papier-mâché and then placed them throughout Paris. While it looked funny, the message was actually a very serious one and people quickly realised that 1,600 really isn’t that big a number.

Today, there are still around 1,600 pandas left. You can look on this in one of two ways – either it’s good that there hasn’t been another dip in panda numbers, or it’s bad that they haven’t increased. The guerrilla campaign definitely helped to raise awareness though, which was its main aim.

4) IKEA’s Bondi Beach Bookshelf

When IKEA conducted a little bit of research into Australian reading habits, they found that one in three Australians would spend an extra hour in the day reading a good book. So, in honour of the 30th anniversary of the company’s most popular bookshelf (the BILLY), IKEA decided to set up the world’s largest outdoor library on Bondi Beach using its best bookshelf.

The bookshelves were lined up on the beach and filled with around 6,000 books. If people wanted to take one of the books, they could either swap it for one of their own or donate some money to the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation. So, not only did people get some great new reading material, but they were also helping an excellent charity.

Image courtesy of Casa Sugar.

These guerrilla ads have become some of the best in the business. Do you think you could come up with something better?

This article was written by Aurora Johnson on behalf of Display Wizard, a company specialising in trade show and exhibition equipment such as custom outdoor banner stands and portable display boards.

23 Brilliantly Sexy Durex Condom Advertisements

In a World where we are bombarded with advertisements, sometimes the best advertisements are the ones that make us laugh and smile. In the condom industry, there is a huge opportunity to be fun and sexy. Here are some of the best advertisements I’ve seen that are sexy, funny and creative. Durex Condoms definitely did a great job with them!

Perhaps we can learn from their creative ads and apply this sense of humor to the marketing we do!





Guerilla Marketing Example by Durex Condom


Durex: Ribs

Durex: Knobs