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    Let Your Business Spread Like Wildfire In The Internet Through Viral Marketing

    Viral marketing is a new term that first flourished in the internet around the 90s. Although it is derived from viruses which are something people definitely avoid getting at all costs, our technology savvy generation is informed of its meaning due to constant exposure. Older folks should be more familiar with its predecessor, the word […] More

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    42 Adverts That Break The 4th Wall

    Let’s face it, most adverts are desperately boring. They cling to the perceived rules of advertising and don’t stray from the accepted formats. We’ve all seen a normal billboard advert millions of times, why not add some spice? But every so often a maverick arrives, blazing a trail of originality and defiance. We celebrate those […] More

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    20 Jaw-Dropping Street Art Examples

    As always, we are addicted to street art. Why? It’s low cost but can have a big impact. It’s creative. It’s fun. It’s unique. Although this form of art has been increasingly been adopted for use in advertising; it still remains a label often associated with artists who wish to keep their work unaffiliated and […] More

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    Do Some Viral Marketing Campaigns Go Too Far?

    These viral campaigns went over the top and, sometimes, away from their usual brand image just to get people to talk about their brand.

    However, for every real and valid marketing stint, there are about five that are fake. These are campaigns or stunts that lead people to believe in one thing only to deliver another. They make false promises or give false messages.

    Often, these false viral campaigns ride on the shock value of their message and succeed in actually getting some attention. The question is whether or not the shock value and eventual revelation do the brand any good. More

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    5377 square feet QR code scanned in free fall

    I wouldn’t exactly call QR Codes a cool advertising tool. It’s a group of black blocks put together. It’s so… unsexy but when you create a QR Code and asked someone to sky dive to scan the code while he is freefalling, now THAT is one heck of a cool campaign. The Campaign Details Børkop […] More

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    Top 5 Excellent Ways to Increase Sales With Guerrilla Marketing

    Guerilla marketing is to come up with a marketing and promotional campaign that is creative, original, affordable and most importantly east to carry out. it is done with an intent to promise your existing customers as well as prospects only what you can provide but also giving them something more than what you committed originally to them. If all of this goes well, you will be able to drive more and more customers to your business which will eventually lead you to have increased sales and grow your brand easily. More

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    Flying People in New York City

    What would you think if you saw what looked like three human beings flying around your city? In order to promote the upcoming film, “Chronicle”, advertising agency Thinkmodo in NYC created 3 human shaped RC planes and flew them around New York City to give the illusion that people were flying around the city. The […] More