Audi’s #CatchtheUnseen Instagram Campaign Encourages People To Explore and Capture Uncommon Places

Audi wanted to encourage people to explore further than ever before. They saw that people on Instagram keep posting the same old photos of the same old boring destinations. With the help of Swedish agency Åkestam Holst, they created a microsite that showed where the most Instagram photos were being taken in Sweden. They then encouraged Instagram users to explore more of the unknown and capture these amazing places using the #Catchtheunseen hashtag.

By uploading a photo with #CatchTheUnseen and @AudiSweden, the algorithm could find the nearest geotagged photo and reveal the distance to it. The winner was the one with the furthest distance.

The campaign was a huge success as it helped Audi reach more than 500,000 Instagram users. The winner captured an amazing photo where the next nearest photo was over 8 miles away. The winner received a brand new Audi Q7.




Agency: Åkestam Holst
Andreas Ullenius – Creative Director
Michal Sitkiewicz – Art Director
Eva Wallmark – Art Director
Rickard Beskow – Copywriter
Tom Hedström – Business Director
Johan Eklund – Producer
Jennie Strinnhed & Mirja Hjelm – Account Manager
Jerker Winter – Planner
Kalle Peterz – Web Developer
Nisse Axman – Motion Director
Eric Karlsson – Motion Designer
Torbjörn Krantz – Graphic Designer

Production companies
Photo & Film – C2 with photographer Petrus Olsson.
Web production – More

How To: Using Instagram To Generate Leads

Instagram is one of the leading social media websites to gain traction for your brand and generate leads. Launched in 2010, this photo-sharing website uses imagery to position brands who can take leverage from a vast pool of 300 million users who can turn out to be valuable leads.

A majority of people on Instagram uses this tool to post their amateur photos and videos. From crazy pets and mouth-watering foods to up-market apparels and high-tech gadgets, you can find a treasure of ideas from camera buff.

However, this is not the only potential of this powerful tool. Instagram is real gem for businesses to market their brand and generate leads. With the highest user growth rate (23%), it is currently the fore-runner on social media sphere leading the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

A large part of its success is related to its use of imagery as marketing collateral. People find it more fun and exciting to see photos and videos than reading sales copy. Result? You earn more engagements which translate into higher lead conversions.

So, if you are heading a marketing campaign on this platform, we are here to help you with these 8 expert tips:

Identify Your Audience

Instagram hosts a big community of consumers around the globe. Knowing your target audience will make it easier for you to tactically post images that they will find interesting. This is important to make your content relatable to your leads.

Sift through the funnel of your customers and get to the bottom. Find out about their taste, interests and hobbies. This will give you a more strategic way to create the buzz and build your following.

For example, if you own an online fashion store, you can position your brand to people who often post photos of dresses, fashion shows, fashion accessories, etc.

Keep A Consistent Identity

To engage your leads on Instagram, you need to have a recognizable profile which complements your brand. This means your profile picture, description and tagline should be in line with your company ethos. By having a uniform face across different platforms, you make your brand easily identifiable to your audience.

Nike is a good example of how you can stay recognizable by having a consistent identity. Its official page on Instagram uses the original logo, tagline and name of the company which helps its loyal customers easily find the brand.

Create a Compelling Bio and Description

A bio and description are your first contact points with your lead. Making it compelling will not only attract your leads but also tempt them to know more about your brand. Resist the temptation of writing it like a sales copy. Remember that Instagram has a different vibe. Keeping that vibe alive is necessary to retain interest of your lead.

Post Interesting Videos

Instagram offers video-sharing feature that allows you to share short video clips. This is particularly beneficial for businesses as they can leverage from potential of a video to showcase features of their product, educate leads about its functionality or share their office culture.

Burberry is a global apparel brand that shows behind-the-scenes clips of events to engage potential customers. It also features its products using short videos to let its audience know its specific benefits.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Instagram has a huge community and finding your leads can get a little tricky on this platform. With hashtags, you can make this process more organized and strategic. All you need is to do is find a set of keywords that relate to your industry and use them in your photos.

Let’s say you are a matrimonial service namely ABC. You can use your brand name with hashtag, i.e. #ABC. Similarly, you can even make your hashtags more industry-specific, such as #matchmaking or #matrimonialservices to tap into a pool of larger audience needing professional help for matchmaking.

Use Interesting Captions

Captions give meaning to your photos. However, your caption needs to be catchy and meaningful to draw attention of your viewers so that they can start conversation.

Oreo makes perfect use of captions to inform viewers about different facets of its biscuits. By using interesting and engaging captions of its photos, it makes more people take interest in its cookies.

Measure Your Success

Just like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram offers tools for businesses to measure success of their campaign inch by inch. Measuring your success enables you to analyze the search behavior of your leads to find out which photos are creating higher engagements.

Iconosquare is an app that empowers you to track results of your marketing campaign on Instagram. It enables you to analyze your follower growth, check number of likes, count your engagements and study your hashtag optimization.

Respond to Your Audience

Your followers on Instagram are your potential customers who want to know everything about your products, latest offerings and upcoming events. Responding to their inquisitive queries not only increases engagements but also raises awareness about your business. If you manage to impress them, you will have more leads in your pocket.

Hilary’s Eat Well is a good example of how you can use Instagram to interact with your audience. The brand representative of the eatery service maintains a good rapport with their customer by providing them timely responses of their queries.

Charlie Winifred is a web UI/UX designer with over 6 years of experience. He also owns Logo Pearl, a logo design Australia company. Charlie also writes blogs for other websites on topics related to web and marketing.

Land Rover’s Instagram Adventure Story Is Absolutely Mindblowing

Land Rover and the creative folks at Y&R NYC created a very unique campaign on Instagram that showcases two fictional adventure stories. They utilized all the space and created a panoramic style photo as you scroll down.

The first Instagram story can be seen at @SolitudeInSawtooth, which follows the outdoor journey of a young couple as they explore the Sawtooth National Forest in Idaho in their Land Rover.

The second story can be seen at @BrotherhoodOfWonderstone which shows two brothers as they explore Kanab, Utah.

Each of the Instagram accounts show the story in a very unique way as they stitched together a large panoramic image including several video pieces.

Check it out!

How Biskrem Created The Ultimate Instagram Adventure Social Marketing Campaign

What if Instagram turned into your new favorite (and addictive) adventure game? How can a brand boost its presence through a fun, and social game? Don’t look any further, Biskrem, a Turkish biscuit brand, came up with an amazing idea on how to engage with the audience through Instagram in the most creative way!

Instagram is trending during the past years and brands are constantly looking for new ways to use their creativity, in order to promote their product in the most appealing way. Traditional marketing doesn’t really work for Instagram, which means that there is a need for new ideas. That’s what the best known biscuit brand Biskrem thought when they decided to create an Instagram adventure game.Biskrem: an Amazing Instagram Adventure!

Biskrem, along with the Turkish advertising agency ArnoBrasco, created a unique Instagram game that combines the story of the brand with a fun way to stay engaged while playing. According to their Instagram Adventure, you are asked to replace the inventor of Biskrem, trying to save the brand’s future by overcoming any possible obstacle. Just like that, you are directed to a whole new world right on your favorite app, untangling through every possible spot, even in ways that you didn’t imagine!

What’s impressive is that ‘Instagram Adventure’ combines all the elements of Instagram (photo, video, map, tagging, search, and direct messages), in order to entice the users to be creative and find the solution to the problems. There is a story and a journey that users are asked to follow, with all the Instagram elements blending with each other. From secret rooms, to passwords that need to be broken and answers that are found through the search box, Biskrem managed to master the Instagram dynamics, while promoting the image of their brand and looking for a new ‘inventor’!

There was an increasing need for content through the ‘Instagram Adventure’, which led to the creation of 70 custom visuals and videos, and also 17 different creative accounts that provide alternate endings. And just like that, stories and mysteries keep coming, with tricky questions turning into a nightmare for the users that can’t wait to proceed to the next phase.

Biskrem: an Amazing Instagram Adventure!

What if you really can’t find the answer?

Well, if you feel stuck and can’t go any further, there is always the option of using the Biskrem slogan that serves as a wildcard for the next level. This way, the user keeps playing and the brand ensures that their promotion is even more effective!

The success of the Instagram Adventure

A unique idea always leads to successful results, especially when it’s launched in such a creative way. That’s how Biskrem gained from this campaign a total growth of 850%, along with 9990 likes and 9658 comments! Biskrem should be really happy about the outcome of the campaign/game and is possibly exploring their next steps towards a creative promotion!

Biskrem: an Amazing Instagram Adventure!

It’s all about knowing your audience, using popular social networks, staying unique and creating an irresistible idea!

The First Instagram Filter Based Vending Machine: #instacandy

Have you ever wondered how an Instagram filter could taste? Grey Istanbul was eager to find out and that’s why they created a filter-based vending machine that relies on Instagram photos.

The Istanbul-based advertising agency took creativity to the next level by combining the sweet tooth most of us have with our passion for Instagram photography. Thus, they joined Kristal Elma Festival with a vending machine and a colourful board of drawings, inviting everyone to join their sweet campaign for a ‘GREYT experience’!

The First Instagram Filter Based Vending Machine: #instacandy

They encouraged everyone to take a selfie, upload it on Instagram, use a filter, along with the hashtag #instacandy, in order to instantly claim their sweet gift from their vending machine.

Each filter has an associated flavour and thus, each person grabbed a different candy, according to the filter they picked for their photo. How about the photos that didn’t have any filter? Well, these ones received a box that was empty, serving as a reminder that they didn’t use any filter to taste its flavor!

How does this work?

Grey Istanbul has created a special software that activates the vending machine and tracks in real time the photos using the #instacandy hashtag, rewarding everyone that uploaded a filtered Instagram selfie with a unique sweet flavor. The fun and quick process grabbed the attention of everyone passing by, turning the idea into a success!

The First Instagram Filter Based Vending Machine: #instacandy

How are Instagram filters related to candies?

According to Grey Istanbul, each Instagram filter gives a different flavour to our photos, with each one standing out from the rest. That’s how they decided to showcase the uniqueness of each filter by examining how they would taste if they were candies. For example, how does Ludwig taste? And what’s the difference in flavour between Amaro and Mayfair?

There’s no surprise that word of mouth and Instagram hashtags led to a successful campaign, counting more than 450 photos with the #instacandy hashtag, giving out 450 gift boxes. This made #instacandy the most popular hashtag of the event, with everyone that participated leaving with a big smile (and a sweet taste).

This is another proof how creativity may lead to a trending campaign that supports the importance of the experience, blending social media with taste, in the most unique (and sweet) way!

Experiential marketing is always appreciated by customers, especially when it includes fun, gifts and social media!

How sweet is that?


Agency: Grey İstanbul
Executive Creative Director: Engin Kafadar
Deputy Creative Director: Görkem Yeğin
Creative Team: Korcan Yavuz, Tolga Özbakır, Fatih Yılmaz, Erman Anıt, Berk Gül
Agency Producers: Meral Barık, Murat Barlık
Social Media Communication: Yasin Çatılı, İklim Suaşan, Erdem Karaoğlu
Social Integration: WEDO Interactive
Production: FikirbazZenger