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    Fashion Industry Behind The Scenes With LG [Viral Video]

    “I knew there was some serious smoke and mirrors going on in the fashion game. Never thought they would go this far. Unbelievable…” That was the video description that went with the most recent viral video campaign by LG. Much like their recent viral video, this video is shared for its humorous nature. This most recent viral video […] More

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    Thief Caught Stealing LG LCD TV On Security Camera [Viral Video]

    Watch as a security camera captures a suspicious thief making off with “The World’s Slimmest Television” by LG. This video was published on youtube on December 28,2011. As of today it has already gotten over 1.4 million hits on Youtube. When the video was published, it was under the username “anlishnl”, a user that joined the very same […] More