How To Use Manage Flitter To Organically Grow Your Twitter Reach

How To Use Manage Flitter To Organically Grow Your Twitter Reach

Are you struggling to grow your twitter follow? Do you want to grow your Twitter following so that your content gets more eyes?

It can certainly take awhile to grow your Twitter following and can be quite frustrating; however, Twitter is a very good social network to master as unlike Facebook, Twitter doesn’t filter your content from reaching your audience. The key question is how some companies are able to build a following of several thousand and your account is stuck at a couple hundred.

Well in this article, we will discuss how you can use an amazing tool called Manage Flitter to SUPERCHARGE your Twitter following.

1) Use Power Mode Religiously

Power Mode is a great way to discover followers that are potentially interested in your topic. Power Mode gives you the power to filter through and discover connections in a breeze.

Manage Flitter 1

Configure the data source

  • Adjust the Data Source so that you only see matches from ‘Users You’re Not Following’ and ‘Users Not Following You’. This way you will only be shown users you should follow (and not users you’re already following and users that are already following you).
  • Find users based on similar interests. You can use ‘Users Following’ to plug in another person’s account and find users that might also like your content. For example, if you’re a sport clothing retailer, you can plug in a company such as Nike or Adidas and find users who like the similar type of content. If they like those brands, perhaps they will like yours!
  • Filter by #hashtag if you want to find other Twitter users that are talking about the same industry as you.  For example, you can plug in #marketing to find users who are tweeting about subject and would be more likely to follow your content as well.
  • Find industry leaders by their bio. If you want to only find influencers in your industry, you can filter by the content of a Twitter user’s bio. For example, if I wanted to find marketing leaders, I could add the filter “Marketing director,  Vice President or Marketing manager”. This way I can find users in the positions that would be more influential.


 Set optional criteria

When creating a filter, I always check the following settings to make sure I’m shown only people who are active on Twitter:

  • Active
  • Talkative
  • Not Quiet
  • Profile Image
  • Not Verified (usually verified ‘celebrities’ don’t follow back)
  • English (or Non-English depending on your Twitter account language)
  • Unprotected


Now you can get a little more specific and find people with a certain following. I usually filter by people who have over a certain number of following as I perhaps don’t want to see people who have a following of 24 people when I can see people that would have around 1,000-5,000 followers. I also always filter by followers/following ratio so that you’ll be shown people who are more likely to follow you. I set it around 0.7 – 2.5. The closer a person is to 1, the better. 1 means for every follower, the person is following back (usually).

I’ll also filter by time since last tweet. I do think because if a person just tweeted about #marketing and get a follow from a marketing agency or company, they will be more likely to follow. It also shows that if the time since last tweet is less than a couple of days, they are obviously more active on the platform.

2) To unfollow or to not unfollow

Sometimes I’ll go in and unfollow those people who have little influence and are not following back. It’s a way to keep my following/follower ratio in tact. Lets just put it this way, if you saw a twitter account that was following 10,000 people but only had 637 followers, wouldn’t that look strange? Why are people not following this person back? Is it spammy?

Manage Flitter 2

Although I’m not saying to bulk unfollow every single person that doesn’t follow you back, I am saying that you should be aware of this ratio. Generally speaking, it’s better to have more followers than you are following.

3) Following back

You can also search your following. If you have a couple thousand followers, this tool allows you to sort through your list and discover which ones are definitely worth following back. I generally sort by influence, activity and following.


Manage Flitter is a great tool to discover Twitter users who are interested in your industry topic. Growing your following can be quite difficult, but with this tool, it can be a little easier. Keep in mind, you’ll still need to provide great content, re-tweet and engage. This goes without saying.

Make sure you’ve got the basics down, then I’d recommend checking out this tool to start growing your following.

The best part? Manage Flitter is FREE to get started. They have paid options as well for as little as $12 a month. I think it’s totally worth it.

>> Get Started with Manage Flitter *

What do you think? What’s been your biggest challenge with getting exposure on Twitter? Do you have other tools or tricks you can recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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Hilarious Street Prank Brings Strangers in for Unique First Date

Stuart Edge is a movie maker, musician, magician and a mormon. He is also widely known for his viral video pranks in which he does everything from trying to get a date using Siri to giving strangers compliments. In his latest prank, Stuart pulls strangers off the beach boardwalk into a funny first date.

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Stuart and his team stand in front of a small red button. If a stranger presses the button, the actor is stripped of his/her casual clothing and reveals a first date outfit. Then a team rushed to create a small dining experience in a matter of seconds.

Well done Stuart! We need more people like you.

Stuart Edge First Date Prank 1 Stuart Edge First Date Prank 2 Stuart Edge First Date Prank 3 Stuart Edge First Date Prank 4 Stuart Edge First Date Prank 5 Stuart Edge First Date Prank 6 Stuart Edge First Date Prank 7 Stuart Edge First Date Prank 8

[via Design Taxi]

10 Rockstar Examples of Augmented Reality for 2014

For those of you who don’t know Augmented Reality is a real world view on a device with augmented themes such as sound, GPS, or visuals that are integrated into the real world view. From games to GPS apps augmented reality is a growing sensation, here are some Rockstar examples of Augmented Reality for 2014.

1) Autodesk Showcase 2014

This software can be used by architects, engineers, designers, and marketing professionals. 3D CAD models can be quickly transformed into interactive walk-throughs and presentations. Features include; Aruba scripting access, display clustering, RapidRT clustering, Stereoscopy, and Workflow features such as storyboard and animation.


2) Zombies, Run!

This is a smart phone app, it integrates sounds and missions into your daily workout, Including zombie hoards to make you run faster. Available on the App Store or Google Play, They also have a 5k training app that gives the user 8 weeks of structured training mixed in with a gripping storyline. Zombie enthusiasts and fitness experts unite!

3) META and their space glasses

These are so cool, finally glasses that look like sunglasses but show the user holographic images. They have a true 3D display, 3D surround sound, camera and depth camera, premium quality lenses by ZIESS, and 9 axis motion tracking! Also very interesting these glasses mirror your devices such as laptop and smartphone, so you can bring these devices with you without actually having them on your person.



4) IKEA catalogue

The new IKEA catalogue has bonus materials which includes digital content, the user activates the 50 bonus pages to reveal a decorators virtual paradise with 360/180 degree views of rooms, and allows the user to design his/her own space digitally!

An easier way to decide on furniture.
An easier way to decide on furniture.

5) ModiFace

ModiFace is virtual makeover technology, and it claims to be the world’s most advanced makeover technology as well, They fave a pretty cool website check it out for more info!

Users can decide on looks before buying products!
Users can decide on looks before buying products!

6) TryLive

This website allows users to try on glasses, jewelry, shoes, clothes, and allows users to customize their home as well. This is awesome for those of you who like to shop online, now the user can try things on before buying.

Shopping made even more simple!
Shopping made even more simple!

7) The Artvertiser

This is a software platform that replaces advertisements with art in real time, although they consider what they do improving reality, it is still augmented reality. Although first started in 2008 this company continues to grow as does the market for augmented reality, this is a fairly new, exciting way of advertising.


8) Infinity AR

Infinity AR is another software platform where the user can connect all their devices to a “pink brain” where it detects and analyzes your environment and ultimately uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to anticipate the users needs and outputs are delivered as recommendations.



9) GWR2014 Augmented Reality Lite

This app works with the Guinness Book of World Records, users can watch records jump from the pages and history becomes 3D! Download app at Google Play store.



10) Google Glass

Google glass is a pair of “glasses” but in reality it’s an awesome augmented reality product that allows the user to take pictures, videos, use GPS, send messages and much more hands free! The user is able to see real world surroundings and use the glasses to do multiple activities during daily life.


Ways Not to Market Movies: Marketing Campaigns Gone Wrong

It’s not unusual for a movie or TV show to have a huge marketing campaign, especially something creative involving online promotions with the hopes of going viral at some point. As with any type of marketing campaign, there are times when good intentions simply fizzle out with lackluster results. Sometimes the culprits are easy to pinpoint; other times not. Entertainment is fickle, but one thing’s for sure- some marketing campaigns just don’t work the way they were intended to. Here are some examples of marketing campaigns that just didn’t yield the intended results when all was said and done:

I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009)


The concept of this movie is that a young man proclaims his love for the girl he’s admired throughout the film during his valedictorian speech. 20th Century Fox thought it would be a good idea to pay a real high school student to do something similar during her graduation ceremony. The “see, this can happen in real life, too” moment backfired and failed to go viral as intended. While the video did eventually catch on, it wasn’t until after the movie already bombed – and certainly not the kind of publicity the studio wanted.

Snakes on a Plane (2006)


In this case, the clip for the Samuel L. Jackson movie actually did generate a lot of interest online. Unfortunately, what works in a brief clip doesn’t always captivate moviegoers for a few hours in the theater. After the initial buzz, the producers behind the film jacked up the snake quotient in the movie as much as possible to capitalize on the title. It was obvious to even the casual observer what this film was about before ever seeing it, which is why not too many people did.

The Science of Sleep (2006)


There’s nothing wrong with using social media as part of your marketing campaign. For the marketing team behind this movie, however, several fake LiveJournal posts didn’t exactly make real users come on board to support the film. After several legit users noticed that the accounts were practically new and that the positive posters happened to be “friends” with each other, it didn’t take long for the campaign to fall apart. Users decided to team up; not to promote the movie, but to actively decide not to see it…oops!

Limitless (2011)

M436 Bradley Cooper stars in Relativity Media’s LIMITLESS.

What appeared to a video showing a man with a unique device he built that could instantly hack into the Times Square screens and post any video made the rounds and went viral. Some astute viewers thought it might be fake. It turns out that the video was really a promo for the Bradley Cooper movie. The problem is that the video circulated among techies poised to discuss some innovative scientific breakthrough. Most people who viewed the video had no idea that it was even promoting a movie.

Anchorman 2 (2013)


As 2013 came to a close, fictitious anchorman Ron Burgundy, Will Ferrell reprising his role from the original Anchorman film, was everywhere. You can’t deny that the marketing campaign itself was successful. From a social media blitz to a local news appearance with Will Ferrell in character, there were plenty of viral-worthy moments during the countdown to the movie’s December premiere. With all the hype, it was expected that the movie would shattered box office records. That never happened. The problem? Maybe there is such a thing as too much publicity. Mixed reviews didn’t help much either. Better luck next time, Ron.

Hailey Harper is a marketing strategist and writer from Tucson, Arizona. She has had articles published about social media, satellite TV, movies, and management.

The ‘Scarrie’ Poster Promotes Horror Film, Carrie

We’ve been seeing some wonderful marketing stunts to promote the movie, Carrie. Here is another one that isn’t quite as elaborate, but nevertheless, still a joy to see. A couple months ago, the team partnered with an agency to pull a prank on coffee shop patrons in which they faked a person having telekinetic power.

In this campaign, they placed a small device in a movie theatre that would make a person’s hair stand up on it’s end. People walking by would see others with their hair standing straight up staring at a ‘Carrie’ movie poster.

It probably didn’t have the biggest impact, but it certainly was a fun implementation.


Advertising Agency: Giovanni+DraftFCB, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Directors: Joanna Monteiro, Max Geraldo, Daniel Japa
Art Directors: Felipe Gomes, Thiago Di Gregorio
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Published: November 2013