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    Mcdonald’s Turns People into Emojis!

    How would you imagine a world where emojis transformed into real people and real emotions? McDonald’s in France tried to depict such a world by adding emoji-headed human beings on what could be described as a typical day for a McDonald’s lover. “Come As You Are” is a campaign that was created by the agency […] More

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    McDonald’s Heat Sensitive Billboard Gives Free McFlurry When It Gets Too Hot

    McDonald’s partnered with JCDecaux in the Netherlands to create a very rewarding billboard. The billboard was outfitted with a weather detection monitor and a motorized door that would open the billboard casing once the environment got too hot. When the temperature reached 38.7 degrees celsius, the billboard would come to live and open up to allow […] More

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    McDonald’s Ice Coupon Machine Is Refreshingly Delicious

    On March 24th, 2015, McDonald’s launched their epic I’m Lovin’ It 24 campaign that got the whole world talking about McDonald’s. All around the world, unique experiential marketing campaigns took over and got people talking about McDonald’s. In Rio de Janeiro, beachgoers got a unique surprise in the form of a slot machine. SEE ALSO: McDonald’s 24 […] More

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    McDonald’s Bucharest Joy Maze Will Get You Moving

    McDonald’s was determined on March 24th to spread smiles throughout 24 cities all over the world and Bucharest was also part of their large imlovinit24 campaign. The so called “Joy Maze” appeared in Piata Revolutiei (Revolution Square) with McDonald’s impressing from the concept up to the implementation of their idea. SEE ALSO: McDonald’s 24 Gifts In […] More

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    McDonald’s surprises Poland with Jingle Bench

    It was March 24th when McDonald’s launched their ambitious global campaign “Moments of Joy”, spreading 24 gifts of joy in 24 cities, as part of the bigger #imlovinit campaign. Every city experienced a different surprise through the day, with Warsaw discovering a music bench. It was just after 6 am in Warsaw when the first […] More

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    Mcdonald’s Allows You to Pay with Love. Are You Lovin’ It?

    McDonald’s decided to take their slogan, “I’m Lovin’ It” to a whole new level with their latest campaign that debuted with their Super Bowl ad. Between February 2nd and February 14th, McDonald’s customers will be randomly selected to have the opportunity to pay for their meals with various random acts of kindness — such as calling their […] More

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    McDonald’s Accepts Cans As Currency For Food In Stockholm

    Summer in Stockholm is a time where a lot of young folk spend outdoors at parks and music festivals. It’s unfortunate that during this time, there is a lot of trash and litter. McDonald’s with the help of DDB Stockholm created a campaign to help encourage individuals to pick up their cans for recycling in […] More

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    McDonalds Pranks Drive Through Customers In Austria #AprilFools

    What better time to do a little prankvertising than April Fools? McDonald’s hired DDB Tribal to bring you this amazing prank campaign. Imagine driving up expecting to be handed a hamburger only to be greeted by an opera singer or a professional wrestler. Watch as these unsuspecting burger patrons get more than what they asked for. […] More

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    28 Deliciously Creative Ads from McDonald’s

    McDonald’s is the world’s largest chain of fast food burger restaurants, serving nearly 47 million customers daily with over 31,000 restaurants worldwide, employing more than 1.5 million people. When it comes to their advertising, they have found many creative ways to get their epic golden arches in front of the masses. According to Business Insider, American […] More

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