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    45 Creative Bagvertising Examples

    Retailers are always looking for new ways to market their product. Welcome Bagvertising. This form of marketing has been around for several years and is based around the idea of using the bag as an opportunity to market to new potential customers and set up ambient advertising. Below are some really creative ambient advertising examples […] More

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    5 Genius Guerrilla Marketing Examples for Non-Profit Organizations

    As marketers, we often get a bad reputation. We are the individuals who try to persuade and get people to change their mind about a product/service and hopefully make you buy it. Marketers do have a good side though! There are some amazing non-profit guerrilla-marketing campaigns that are worth taking a look at. Sometimes guerrilla […] More

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    19 Best Ads I Have Ever Seen

    1.Vacuum cleaners Made by Students from Miami Ad School. Clever way to find out how Hoover’s vacuum cleaners really work. 2. Have fun Made for in Singapore by JWT agency. This is a simple, creative and very cheap campaign with awesome results. 3. Missing a piece? Alchemy Partnership worked on this creative project for […] More