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    Diet Coke ‘Slender Vender’ Vending Machine

    Coca-Cola partnered with Ogilvy Paris to bring your the thinnest vending machine in the world. It fits where others can’t and works well with the actual product. It’s not the most creative implementation, but it’s definitely a good one that aligns with the product very well. It’s awesome to see how just one small change could make […] More

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    Interview With Nicolas Bouvet, Founder of Une Agence Américaine

    Une Agence Américaine is a communications agency based in Paris, France that specializes in RFID marketing, public events, street marketing and road shows. The agency is relatively new being a little over 2 years old, but they have big ideas. A pioneer in the deployment of RFID, a Une Agence Américaine thrives on new technology to amplify buzz. […] More

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    IKEA France Pops Up Apartment In Paris Metro

    IKEA France recently ran a social campaign on their Facebook page promoting a unique contest where those who have ‘liked’ their Facebook page can win an evening in their popup IKEA furnished apartment in the Metro Auber station. The apartment will be available on Friday, January 13th and Facebookers have till the 10th to enter the […] More