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    Awesome Examples of QR Codes in Marketing

    QR (Quick Response) Codes have been around for almost 20 years. They were first invented in Japan back in 1994 by Denso Wave – the parent company behind Toyota – for use in car manufacturing plants in order to help them manage inventory. In the past few years QR codes have seen a dramatic rise […] More

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    Great QR code campaign Portugal

    The idea was simple; Launch a QR code, one of the most innovative technologies of the 21st century, made by Portuguese cobblestones, one of the most ancient Portuguese traditions. From the fusion between technology and historical traditions a new and innovative way was born to promote Portugal abroad and to provide relevant cultural content for […] More

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    5377 square feet QR code scanned in free fall

    I wouldn’t exactly call QR Codes a cool advertising tool. It’s a group of black blocks put together. It’s so… unsexy but when you create a QR Code and asked someone to sky dive to scan the code while he is freefalling, now THAT is one heck of a cool campaign. The Campaign Details Børkop […] More

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    Mercedes-Benz: QR Code Trophies

    You know what they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. Car companies, since time immemorial, try to hide their new models and the press have made it their life goal to get a scoop and spread its photo before it is formally launched to the market. It’s becoming hard for companies to hold […] More

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    8 Unique QR Code Campaigns

    It seems quite fitting that my first article is on some of the most notable QR codes, coming so soon after our piece on QR Code Disasters. It may surprise many to know that the humble QR code has actually been around for 18 years; it was invented in 1994 by Toyota in order to […] More

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    The Buddy Stamp Bar QR Code

    Turquoise Cottage, a bar/restaurant in New Delhi, took the QR concept to the bar scene. They wanted to encourage patrons to have a fun, exciting and responsible night. Knowing that typical patrons in the area typically went out drinking for 5 hours, they wanted to create a campaign where they could provide a unique experience. Introducing […] More

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    Getting up to Speed on Mobile Marketing

    You can’t get too far these days without hearing about “Mobile Marketing.” Mobile Marketing is simple. It’s about engaging your customers and prospects on their mobile devices. It covers , QR Codes, text message marketing or “SMS,” Apps, Location Based Marketing and Mobile Websites. The fact that smartphones make up more than half of all […] More

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    QR Codes Seen from the Sky in Google Maps

    Phillips & Co. says in a statement that Google Earth has been downloaded 400 million times and “by integrating a readable code into the space-accessible profile, mobile users can access dynamic marketing programs, videos, digital coupons and other content while viewing the specific geographical location.” Google recently announced on Wednesday that the app has been […] More