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    Experiential Marketing & Staffing Company the Hype Agency Hires Veteran Jon Genese as SVP

    Boston, MA/ Los Angeles, CA (February 12, 2014) — The Hype Agency, the nationwide marketing and staffing company, announced today they have hired veteran marketer Jon Genese as Senior Vice President, General Manager of the company. This role was created in response to an increasing number of clients, and to solidify Hype’s position as the marketplace leader […] More

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    Smart Santa: The Power of Mobile Marketing This Christmas

    According to Ofcom’s Communications Market Report 2013, there are now 82.7 million active mobile contracts throughout the UK, with the percentage of households owning tablets doubling to 24% in the past year. The take-up of smartphones and other mobile devices has inevitably led to increased sales across the mobile platform, leaving marketers no choice but […] More

  • Skyfall movie premiere marketing stunt in Stockholm.

    Skyfall + Sony Marketing Stunt

    Again we see Skyfall taking product placement to a whole other level. During the opening week of the new James Bond movie in Stockholm, a large group of Swedish Bond fans were given quite a surprice, unaware they were being filmed for a Sony marketing stunt. The agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky thought this genius stunt […] More

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    Shock vs. Schlock: Dignity in Unconventional Marketing

    Guerrilla marketing, at its most effective, includes creative, low-cost strategies that literally ambush a potential audience. It’s best used by small businesses, NGOs and nonprofits, but large corporations often apply their near infinite resources in the pursuit of guerrilla campaigns—which often produces schlocky results. These schlocky results, in turn, inspire the little guy (NGOs, nonprofits, […] More

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    Top 7 Guerrilla Marketing Agencies to Watch in 2012

    All around the world, businesses both big and small are looking to guerrilla marketing agencies to help market their next big product or service. It’s becoming increasingly harder to capture the attention of potential consumers, so it makes sense that these companies are looking towards guerrilla marketing to help rekindle their love for unconventional marketing […] More

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    Real-time Projection Mapping Will Blow You Away

    We’ve seen a lot of projection mapping examples over the past couple months, but this one was quite unique and a pleasure to see. This projection mapping example was done for the Sony Playstation 3 by Marshmallow Laser Feast. The company consists of a network of artists, designers, animators, directors, architects, engineers, programmers and musicians. […] More

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    10 of the World’s Biggest Advertisements

    Since advertising began there has always been a race to create bigger and bolder adverts. By creating’ The World’s biggest advert’ automatically assists in creating free media coverage around the advert itself and is a sure fire recipe for grabbing attention for the brand or product. The Earliest recorded image of a giant advert was […] More

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    55+ Amazing 3D Street Art Guerrilla Marketing Examples

    Street painting has been recorded throughout Europe since the 16th century. Street Painters, (also called chalk artists) a name these performance artists are most commonly called in the USA are historically called I Madonnari in Italy because they recreated images of the Madonna. In England they are called Screevers and in Germany Strassenmaler. 3D Street art is often used in […] More

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    18 Of The Most Memorable Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

    Not every company has a multimillion dollar advertising budget to work with. And increasingly, even those that do are turning to more creative means of reaching their audiences. Many consumers have become averse to slick commercials and polished sales pitches over the years, causing savvy marketers to adapt with offbeat, attention-grabbing marketing campaigns. Following are […] More

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    19 Best Ads I Have Ever Seen

    1.Vacuum cleaners Made by Students from Miami Ad School. Clever way to find out how Hoover’s vacuum cleaners really work. 2. Have fun Made for in Singapore by JWT agency. This is a simple, creative and very cheap campaign with awesome results. 3. Missing a piece? Alchemy Partnership worked on this creative project for […] More

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