The Berry Company Hits the Streets and Makes People Feel Good in Latest Social Experiment

The Berry Company, a family run food business, decided to hit the streets of London to brighten people’s day in their latest marketing campaign. Apparently, 8:12am has been identified as the time by which you know whether or not your day will be a good one.

With the help of W Comms and Gas and Electric, The Berry Company hit the streets of London to help make everyone have a great start to their morning. Their goal was to help people have a  #berrygoodday. How did they do this? They did a small social experiment where a young man went out with an umbrella on a rainy day and tried to cheer people up. Unfortunately this did not go as planned as people seemed a bit standoffish.

They decided to switch things up a bit near the end of the video. Watch and see what happens next!