World’s Largest iPhone Controlled Racing Game

Hyundai have created the world’s largest iPhone controlled racing game in New York’s Times Square. The billboard can be controlled via an iPhone after they register with the “Hyundai Race” and download the app. Once controlled, the user can steer the Velostar hatchback car by tilting their phone left and right. Movement is then detected by iPhone’s built-in accelerometer.

Users also have to connect to the Hyundai WiFi network in Times Square to connect their phone with the game. Once they complete the race, the gamer can find his or her score on the massive billboard along with other racers’ scores.

Because the screen is so massive, it undoubtedly captures the attention of the massive crowds in New York’s Time Square. It’s definitely an interesting concept that would begs to have more social network connectivity. I’m sure we’ll all see some more exciting guerrilla campaigns in 2012!

Personalizing A Chocolate Bar Using Augmented Reality

Lacta, the Greek chocolate company, created a new smartphone application that allows mobile users to send personalizes messages to their loved ones by use of augmented reality. After downloading the application, the recipient of the chocolate bar can point his/her phone at the wrapper to see a personalized message that floats just above the candy bar.

It’s an interesting concept that allows users to customize their products without the actual production cost outside creating the universal application.

10 Amazing Projection Mapping Examples on Cars

3D Projection mapping is undoubtedly a widely used component that makes up a guerrilla marketer’s arsenal. It’s highly engaging and has the potential to reach a very large audience. If done correctly, it can be memorable and it will definitely be shared throughout social networks. Today we take a unique look at this marketing concept where we focus in on a certain industry: automotive. Here are 10 amazing projection mapping examples that have been performed on cars. Let us know which one is your favorite by commenting below.

1) Lamborghini Projection Mapping

One of the world’s most elite cars recently became a canvas for The Media Merchants, who produced an exclusive audio-visual projection mapping event centered around the Lamborghini Reventon.

Projection Mapping: The Media Merchants
Creative Technical Director: Anthony Diehl
Technical Coordinator: Jordan Ciurcovich
Animation Director: Stuart Langfield
Sound Design: Mitch Lee for Redemption Audio
Post Production: JUMP Studios
Videography: Perfect Pictures, Van Media
Director of Photography: Dan Dumouchel
Lamborghini Reventon: SR Auto Group

2) Toyota Auris Hybrid Projection Mapping

An extraordinary projection mapping event, for an extraordinary car.
Relive the story of a car which recycles energy as it drives – the Toyota Auris with Hybrid Synergy Drive.

To find out more, visit

Filmed on location in Shoreditch, London on 22 September 2010.

3) The Infiniti Journey of Inspiration 2009 by Klip Collective

4) Indian Projection Mapping Example

The car was mapped using multiple projectors.Thanks to Hippo Media Server – the worlds favorite tool for Projection Mapping. The Hippo is now available in India through M Audio Visual and Transhuman Collective – the frontrunners in Projection Mapping in India tested it exclusively.

5) Audi A1 Car projection mapping

Audi Car Design Awards 2011 . Car projection by Radugadesign.

6) Hyundai Accent 3D projection mapping

Probably one of my favorite car projection mapping examples. It truly highlights their slogan, “New Thinking. New Possibilities.”

7) New Peugeot 308. Car Projection Mapping

8) Chevrolet New Captiva. Interactive mapping by Lumina Motion

9) Audi A6 projection mapping presentation by Deeplook

AUDI A6 projection mapping presentation from on Vimeo.

10) Range Rover Evoque video mapping

BONUS) Toyota Auris ‘Get Your Energy Back’ 3D Projection Mapping by Superglue

An extraordinary 3D projection mapping event, for an extraordinary car. Relive the story of a car which recycles energy as it drives – the Toyota Auris with Hybrid Synergy Drive. Filmed on location in Shoreditch, London on 22 September 2010.

Creative Ambient Advertising Goes Green

You’re walking down the street and you come across an octopus! But wait, this isn’t a real octopus, its a water stencil advertisement. Companies such as Fresh Green Ads have been trying to eliminate the carbon footprint that more traditional marketing and advertising methods leave behind. According to Fresh Green Ads, “Conventional ways of advertising often use large quantities of resources such as paper, water and ink, which all have a negative impact on the environment. With FRESH GREEN ADS© we have gathered several ways of advertising that are all non harmful to the environment. In our portfolio you will find such methods as crop advertising, sand advertising, ice advertising, water drop advertising, clean advertising and raincampaign.”

Here are some amazing unconventional marketing techniques that are completely green friendly!

Rain Advertising

raincampaign sea life 2raincampaign sea life 1

Sand Advertising

Sand Advertising Example

Beach'n Billboard

Clean Advertising – Street Washing


Water Drop Advertising

Baby Carrots – Eat ‘Em Like Junk Food Marketing Campaign

I thought this was an interesting way to market carrots as a healthy snack that you can eat like junk food.

It is a cliché of junk-food advertising to brand one’s product as “radical” or “extreme,” usually in the loudest, most obnoxious terms possible. Such claims are laughable enough when applied to a nacho-flavored snack chip; but applied to baby carrots, they qualify as actual comedy.

Or at least Bolthouse farms hopes they do. The nation’s largest producer of baby carrots and its new ad agency, Crispin, Porter and Bogusky, have launched an advertising campaign positioning baby carrots as the extreme new junk food, a purposefully over-the-top effort that includes an iPhone game, a Web series and extensive social media outreach (and a lot of wailing guitar noises).

The idea of using junk-food tactics to sell baby carrots rose out of the observation that “carrots are crunchy, orange, disposable, munchable and portable,” said Omid Farhang, VP and creative director at CPB. “They basically share all the exact same qualities as some of the more insidious junk foods. The only thing that was missing is the marketing.”

What’s more, “nothing you’re going to tell people about baby carrots will undo the knowledge that they’re healthy,” he said. “Why waste your breath telling people something they already know?”

The centerpiece of the $25 million campaign is, where users can download the game, watch the webisodes, view commercials, and examine the new chip-like packaging. In the background, a chorus of voices chants “Baby! Carrots! Extreme!” over an epic-sounding heavy metal riff.

There is also a twitter feed and a Facebook page, where followers can keep up to date on the Web series or enjoy more of the campaign’s humor (a typical tweet reads: “Any more crunchy and we’d be wearing dreads and hosting drum circles.” (Currently, the Twitter feed has less than 600 followers, and the Facebook page is “liked” by about 1,430 people, though the campaign hasn’t yet officially launched.)

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