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    5 Guerrilla Marketing Strategies We Hope To See In 2012 [OPINION]

    This past year we’ve seen some really creative and unique guerrilla marketing examples. New marketing strategies such as the use of QR codes, augmented reality and 3D projection mappingonly touched a small portion of what we can do as guerrilla marketers. Being that the Mayan’s prediction that the world would end in 2012, I think […] More

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    10 of the World’s Biggest Advertisements

    Since advertising began there has always been a race to create bigger and bolder adverts. By creating’ The World’s biggest advert’ automatically assists in creating free media coverage around the advert itself and is a sure fire recipe for grabbing attention for the brand or product. The Earliest recorded image of a giant advert was […] More

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    Chevrolet Sonic Bungee Jumps in Social Campaign

    General Motors decided to take a social approach to launching their new 2012 Chevy Sonic by sending the car off a 100-foot structure. The social campaign urged users to log into and click a button that would get the car closer and closer to the edge. It took over 2.4 million clicks but one final click […] More

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    QR Codes Seen from the Sky in Google Maps

    Phillips & Co. says in a statement that Google Earth has been downloaded 400 million times and “by integrating a readable code into the space-accessible profile, mobile users can access dynamic marketing programs, videos, digital coupons and other content while viewing the specific geographical location.” Google recently announced on Wednesday that the app has been […] More

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    Sweden’s Safest Hands iPhone App A Hit or Miss?

    “This week the competition ‘Sweden’s safest hands’ kicked off. A competition where we challenge people in Sweden to carry parcels as safe as the Swedish Post, by using their iPhones. If you ‘deliver’ the digital parcel intact, before everyone else, you win the content (with a value between 300 and 5000 SEK). The content is […] More

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    QR Code Made From 411 OREO Cookies

    Ever wonder if would be possible to create a QR code out of OREOs? I know I have! Well thankfully the wonderful people over at RedPepper decided to take the challenge. With 441 OREO cookies, they decided to make the first QREO. When scanned, your mobile phone brings you to the QREO page which allows […] More

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    Schick Razorbombing Builds Campaign Through Viral Meme

    Planking, horsemaning, cone-ing, ignore-ing, and now razorbombing? We’ve all seen the memes pop up, but none of them really utilized this viral nature in an advertising campaign until now.  The brand executed a buy on BuzzFeed Thursday to jump start the effort. Branding for the would-be meme is subtle, but users can click through to Schick’s “Shave […] More

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    Interactive YouTube Video Lets You Take Control

    This is an interesting YouTube video from the Coca-Cola company for their Sprite Zero drink. Coca-Cola has done really creative guerrilla campaigns in the past that usually reached the offline audience. This campaign explored the opportunities with interactive YouTube campaigns. Using keyboard keys 4 through 9, you can replay the skateboard tricks, skip others, and […] More

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    Does Sex Still Sell? The Axe Campaign Strategy – Larissa Riquelme

    AXE, a company known for their sexy advertising campaigns, has done it again with their latest unconventional marketing campaign.  The principal challenge was to stand out during the World Cup 2010 Season with a very low budget. The objective was to create free press by highlighting the brand and making it possible to reach everybody’s […] More

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    Yahoo! Mailbox: The Purple People Greeter

    The Purple People Greeter is a genius guerrilla campaign that was executed by e2 marketing. The campaign itself is much like the coca cola happiness vending machine but slightly different. In my personal opinion, I like this one better. Why? It has personality! Unlike the Coca Cola Happiness Machine, the Yahoo! Purple People Greeter was witty, […] More

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    Share the Dream of A Better Future Through Unconventional Marketing

    It’s always wonderful to see non-profits using guerrilla marketing tactics to see real and powerful results. I think these examples of guerrilla marketing are very interesting because they obviously need to keep costs low being a non-profit. Casa do Zezinho that focuses on low-income areas that suffer from malnutrition. They designed a half for happiness […] More

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