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    Chinese Jewelry Brand Qeelin Recreates The Qilin

    More than once, I’ve mentioned just how great the marketing stunt that ‘Blairwitch Project’ pulled to promote their movie. With practically no budget, they put together a website dedicated to the Blairwitch, a [made up] story about a witch that supposed to have been taking people but no one knows what the witch does with […] More

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    Emotions Are the Key to Viral Marketing

    Picture a primitive family gathered in a dark cave dwelling, listening intently to the patriarch in the clan as he tells a cautionary tale in the glow of a roaring fire. Now, envision a few of a king’s best launderers weaving a yarn amid soapy washboards. Finally, imagine an aging grandfather sitting on a porch […] More

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    Volkswagen Beetle: 3-track

    There is hardly anything better than listening to a couple of guys bust out a beautiful rhythm with a mood that can sway yours towards the direction of their melody. Music is a beautiful thing and that is why it is the most viral “thing” in the world. Have you ever paused and actually thought […] More

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    Great Guerilla Marketing

    What do the Blair Witch Project, Old Spice and Halfway, Oregon have in common? They’re home to some of the cleverest guerilla marketing campaigns ever known. The term “guerilla marketing,” created by advertising executive Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984, describes the unusual and often cheeky tactics used in a down-low ad campaign. Although some guerilla […] More

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    3 Tips for Getting Content to Go Viral

    Whether you’re directly involved in some form of marketing or just run your own business, chances are you’ve heard people talking about stuff going viral online. While there are different ways that phrase can be used, they all tie back into the basic principle of some piece of content that people naturally share between each […] More

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    Viral Marketing: Tips for Tapping Vine’s Potential

    For marketers wishing to reach people at a rapid pace and on a large scale, Vine is an invaluable tool. In terms of creating viral content, 6-second video clips cater to the needs of a fast paced online community. Adweek reflected on Vine’s simplistic popularity as it noted the way in which Twitter Vines get […] More

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    Viral Marketing: How to Really Do It

    Getting something to go viral is much more difficult than people think. Just having a killer infographic or video isn’t enough. Was the “I Can Haz Cheeseburger” cat really revolutionary? No, but it did have incredible guerilla marketing behind it. What you may not realize is almost anything can go viral. People like to share, […] More

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    Viral Marketing is Buzzword in Marketing World

    Though it might sound crazy, viral marketing has all ingredients to send shivers down your spine – either in the form of content creating an impact or images popping up on your screen. The question much debatable — can marketing techniques be trusted to increase brand awareness so as to achieve the marketing objectives? Both […] More

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    Nivea Creates The Ultimate Stress Test

    To launch the new Stress Protect Deo, NIVEA made a stress test. The candidates were lured to the airport by their friends and were called out to be a suspect of a crime. As the candidate waiting in the airport, the campaign team would be busy creating the material for their announcement. After a photo […] More

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    The Keys to Successful Viral Video Marketing

    Creating viral content is easy, but getting it to go viral is very difficult. The results are so unpredictable, which is why so many viral videos go viral by accident. Many companies have created viral videos with great success, whereas other people have created viral videos for fun and have turned their new popularity into […] More

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