The Keys to Successful Viral Video Marketing

Crazy Frog Viral MarketingCreating viral content is easy, but getting it to go viral is very difficult. The results are so unpredictable, which is why so many viral videos go viral by accident. Many companies have created viral videos with great success, whereas other people have created viral videos for fun and have turned their new popularity into a cash cow.

An example of an accidental viral video

A German teenager called Erik Wernquist made a very convincing motorcycle sound for about a minute. This sound was altered and added into a quick frog animation in 2003 and became the most successful viral video of all time in the United Kingdom. The viral video was used to create a successful business, which sold ring tones, mini-movies, and they even produced two crazy frog albums.

Learning from the past

Viral video marketing is unlike traditional marketing because it is difficult to learn from. Trial and error will ensure repeat success in the marketing world, but one may copy the principals of a viral video and meet with failure. For example, the second attempt at a “Crazy Frog” type of viral sprite was “Sweety the Chick” which bombed catastrophically and ended the company that maintained the Crazy Frog brand.


Viral videos are not all about luck, as many of them do have commonalities, but they seem to be intangible. For example, viral videos featuring celebrities have been known to become popular, fade into oblivion, and then resurge in an almost negative feedback manner. A poor viral marketer may conclude that celebrities in a viral video will ensure success, but too many celebrity hosted viral videos fail tremendously.

Commonalities – Skewed reality

Many viral videos are detached from reality in a way that catches people’s attention. Example, a traffic cone was placed upon the Auckland Sky Tower in Australia, which was followed by a viral video of a boy with a rocket pack flying up to put it there. The “V” drink company created the whole campaign, and Auckland is now the only place on earth where an energy drink outsells Coca Cola.

Commonalities – Shocking celebrity actions

There are plenty of viral videos of shocking celebrities, but engineered ones work too. The cinema advert of Kylie Minogue riding a mechanical bull in her “Agent Provocateur” lingerie went viral instantly and is still hosted on dozens of YouTube channels.

Commonalities – Shocking

The biggest hook for most viral videos is shock value. Shock is not a principal used often by most companies because it runs a risk of becoming a PR nightmare. The marketing team behind Ford SportKa have been the bravest so far, as they released viral videos of their car hitting a bird, and another of its sunroof decapitating a cat. Ford used the tagline “The Ka’s Evil Twin.” The campaign may be the reason why there are still just under 6,000 Ford SportKas on Britain’s roads even today.


There are two ways where you can retain information on traditional adverts which you reveal on a viral video, or you can show the video on TV, in the cinema or on social media and allow other people to take the lead and start disseminating the information.

Holding back some information such as the way that the “V” power drink people did is very effective just so long as you gain enough publicity beforehand. The team put “V” cones in hundreds of other local locations before putting one on the Auckland tower, and gained enough local news coverage so that the viral video had a massive effect.

Releasing your video onto a public area such as on TV may help it turn viral if you can gain the attention of enough people at one time. Cadbury’s did this by running their viral advert during the commercial breaks of the American Superbowl. The video showed a gorilla playing the drums to Phil Collins. Many people missed the advert, but millions of people saw it, and those were the ones that felt compelled to show it to all their friends and family who missed it–hence its enormous success.

9 Great Examples of Viral Videos


Uptime Affects Your Marketing

You may not consider it such, but your website might be the most significant part of your marketing plan. Especially if you run an ecommerce business, your website acts as both your marketing strategy and your store window. The longer a potential customer spends on your website, the longer they’re exposed to your brand, your services or your products, and the better an opportunity you have to make a sale.
If you don’t have a reliable host for your site, the time your website is viewable to users might be in jeopardy.

Consider the recent GoDaddy outage. When GoDaddy’s router sputtered, over a million websites went down. That’s a million individuals, groups and businesses that lost one of their main forms of marketing, and in some cases, their main source of income. The companies that lost their websites had to spend a lot of PR and technical support money to explain to their many customers exactly why they couldn’t access their site. It all could have been averted if those companies had a more reliable site­–and a more reliable host.

Finding a good host

There are a wide number of hosting services available to business owners, and every business has its own needs in a host. If you opt for shared hosting, your website shares your host’s servers with several other websites. Your host also handles all of your IT needs on the server, including bandwidth, backups and security. On the other hand, you can opt for a dedicated server, but they can be costly and are often focused toward larger businesses with high traffic. You’ll have no bandwidth limitations (if you’re willing to expand) and your site is more secure because it’s on its own server.

A popular option among small businesses is free domain hosting. It seems like an attractive solution because it’s free, but those hosting companies place advertising on those domains. That advertising can often slow your site down, not to mention annoy visitors. What’s becoming one of the most popular forms of web hosting is the cloud server. The cloud is becoming a popular business tool in many forms, and cloud hosting is an extremely affordable and very fast option for businesses. Cloud hosting offers significant processing power because it works within an already established infrastructure that’s built to be fast and powerful. Also, given the size of the infrastructure, a website takes up a relatively small percentage of space and power, so the fee to host on the server is often accordingly small.

What your business needs

It’s important to look for a server host that fits your business’s needs. If you have a small website that receives minimal traffic, a lesser host will probably be fine for you. But if you have a well traveled website through which you do a significant amount of business, a dedicated or cloud server host may be a better choice. In any case, speed is important. Consider a tool that measures your uptime, and adjust your server needs as necessary.

8 of the Biggest Sports Viral Videos

No one could have imagined the future power of YouTube and other such video streaming websites when they first became mainstream, and more importantly, the marketing potential that they would bring with them. As things stand there is one hour of YouTube footage uploaded every second, and 4 billion videos are watched everyday, so generally speaking a video has to do something special to stand out – enter the viral video.

A viral video is one that, for whatever reason, we feel compelled to share and tell other people about. Undoubtedly the Kony 2012 video has set a benchmark that will be difficult to surpass. In the meantime, let’s enjoy some of the finer sports viral videos out there. Sports viral videos tend take one of two forms; a creative montage/ short film, or a feat of athleticism and talent that leaves viewers wondering if it is real or not.

Either way, they achieve the ultimate goal of having potential customers talking about them. Here are some of the biggest sports viral videos in terms of views and/ or impact:

1) The Earl and the Tiger

Whether you’re a golf fan or not, you’ll struggle to find someone who hasn’t heard of Tiger Woods. I think it’s for that reason, and not because of the artistic cinematography that this was the most successful sports viral video of all time at its launch. To give you a brief synopsis of the back-story: Tiger Woods, trained by his father Earl, becomes one of the greatest golfers of all time; Earl Woods tragically dies in 2006 and the emotion surrounding Woods’ career is palpable; in 2009 it is revealed that Woods is a serial cheater and separates from his wife; many sponsors drop him though Nike hangs on; he takes a break from golf; Nike releases this chilling viral video as a preface to his highly anticipated return – the video implies that the ghost of his dead father has returned to ask him some questions about his life and his career… yes really…

2) Nike Football – Write the Future

Nike Football are the kings of sports viral videos – they tend to do it better, and much more often than any other sports organisation. This viral campaign was released in the build up to the 2010 FIFA world cup, and was accompanied by a series of television commercials (that were incidentally snippets of this longer video, often with two or three interlaced around a tv show or sports match)

3) Ronaldinho Crossbar Challenge

Another offering from Nike Football – to coincide with their new ‘Joga TV’ service that would encourage freestyle football, Nike released this viral video that showed then soccer kingpin Ronaldinho performing an unbelievable feat of skill. For the first time, millions of soccer fans around the world were joined in head scratching as to whether the video was real or not (this, along with the less popular ‘Ronaldo response’ helped to boost sales of Nike soccer boots also)

4) Lebron James Hits Full Court Shots

If you want a lot of exposure for an “is that real?” type video, what better way to do it than to use a highly polarising sports star… enter Lebron James and his surreal full court shots. Another excellent Lebron James viral video in terms of views is the “Lebron Rise” video – equal parts blasé and patronising in the aftermath of his departure from Cleveland, but I couldn’t put too many Nike videos in this list…

5) NFL Fantasy Files; Pick Me

In order to work people into a bit of a frenzy about the upcoming fantasy football season, this series of viral video clips was released, again getting people to talk about the service, and debating furiously about whether these activities were really possible or not. I won’t spoil any of them for you – just watch and enjoy!

6) Adidas is All In

A laundry list of sports stars, music stars, the head of Adidas PR and a professional cinematographer all combine to produce the most expensive sports viral video ever in this offering from Adidas. The video is definitely energetic and holds attention well, but seeing as it was absolutely crushed in terms of views and impact by the next video, you have to argue that it was a waste of money

7) Evan Longoria’s Crazy Bare Hand Catch

This video couldn’t have had a greater impact if it tried; it made it to the top 5 most watched sports videos of 2011 on YouTube – an incredible achievement for a lowly viral video. More importantly though for the makers; leading news and sports outlets were dissecting the video trying to figure out if it was real or not. You can’t buy exposure like that

8) Ronaldo vs Nadal

Here we have the most recent offering from Nike Football – to celebrate the release of the Mercurial Vapor VIII soccer boots, Nike made this video depicting a tennis/ football rally between two of the most marketable sports stars in the world at the minute. At the time of writing, the video has achieved 5.5 million views in 9 days – Evan Longoria’s video achieved 6.9 million views in 11 months; Cristiano and Rafa are well on their way to becoming the most successful sports viral video of all time, and by quite a significant margin… for the meantime. Enjoy!

Real-time Projection Mapping Will Blow You Away

We’ve seen a lot of projection mapping examples over the past couple months, but this one was quite unique and a pleasure to see. This projection mapping example was done for the Sony Playstation 3 by Marshmallow Laser Feast. The company consists of a network of artists, designers, animators, directors, architects, engineers, programmers and musicians. What made this projection mapping unique was the fact that no post production was done and the mapping was done on a moving set. Unlike a more traditional projection mapping done on a building, the company had to account for moving objects.

 Sony Realtime Projection Mapping

See more photos here

Fashion Industry Behind The Scenes With LG [Viral Video]

“I knew there was some serious smoke and mirrors going on in the fashion game. Never thought they would go this far. Unbelievable…”

That was the video description that went with the most recent viral video campaign by LG. Much like their recent viral video, this video is shared for its humorous nature. This most recent viral video was created by GPY&R Sydney for LG was published on December 18th, 2011 titled “Fashion Industry EXPOSED!” and has well over 1.6 million views. The same video can be found when using the keywords “Super Model Photography Trick.”

What LG is showing us is that there are a couple 3 key ingredients to create a viral marketing video:

  • It must be either sexy, hilarious, inspiring or outrageous.
  • It must appear as a regular least at first.
  • Keep titles short and sweet and descriptions even sweeter.

The video itself reminded me of this one funny commercial done by Dirt Devil. It was one of those advertising campaigns that started off serious but ended with a funny twist. Watch the videos below to see what I mean!

LG Fashion Industry Exposed Viral Video


Dirt Devil – The Exorcist Advertisement