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    Guerrilla Bah-Bah LED Sheep

    I came across this viral video yesterday and I had to share it with you all. It just goes to show you that anyone can make an impact and anyone can go viral. The video has almost had 3.7 million views and was posted on March 16th. That is 3.7 million seeing the Samsung brand! […] More

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    The Making Of Heinekens Amazing Soccer Swindle

    If you’re a soccer fan, you’ll understand. If you’re not, well, suffice it to say that Europeans (Italians, especially) are (in general) crazy about soccer. So when Heineken staged a fake classical music concert at the same time as a crucial Real Madrid vs. AC Milan game on October 21, there was no chance that […] More

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    Burger King prepares to sponsor search error messages on Digg

    Call it “404 Marketing.” Burger King is launching a campaign on Digg in which failed searches on the network will produce an error message promoting the fast feeder. For instance, if a user types in a nonsense word like “byrwe,” a message will read, “No results for ‘byrwe’ were found. Looks like your search had […] More

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    Zappos Pranks Itself for New Viral Advertising

    Ad agency Mullen chose to focus on Zappos’ famous customer service for their new ad campaign. The twist is, behind the puppets and comedy are recordings of actual customer service calls. Mullen’s making of video explains how they basically pranked Zappos to get the audio for the ads. The results are funny, fresh, and true to the […] More

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    47 Outrageous Viral Marketing Examples over the Last Decade

    Over the course of the last decade, an array of viral marketing examples have come and gone with varying degrees of success. Though the term “viral” infers that the campaign is organic and self-replicating, marketers and big-name brands have begun to attempt manufacturing viral content in the hopes of increasing their brand awareness or product […] More

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    The 80 Best Guerilla Marketing Ideas I’ve Ever Seen

    Images speak louder than words. Here are the 80 BEST Guerilla Marketing Examples I’ve Ever Seen. Guerrilla Marketing (Guerilla Marketing) takes consumers by surprise, makes an indelible impression, and pops up where and when people least expect it. This form of marketing is desired because it often has a high ROI. Guerrilla marketers are able to make […] More

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    11 Examples of Viral Marketing Campaigns

    Viral marketing. The term just sounds sinister,   doesn’t it? Like its name implies, it’s a way of spreading your message like a virus from person to person. How do you do it? By creating content that begs to be shared with others. Sometimes, it’s a funny video. Other times, it’s a unique application that performs a really cool […] More

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    Folger’s Guerrilla Marketing

    The main objective of a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign is to grab the attention of as many people as possible. So where does one look to find as many people as possible? Well the streets of New York City, for starters. Folgers covered man holes throughout the city with big steaming cups of coffee. The tag […] More