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    Volkswagen Beetle: 3-track

    There is hardly anything better than listening to a couple of guys bust out a beautiful rhythm with a mood that can sway yours towards the direction of their melody. Music is a beautiful thing and that is why it is the most viral “thing” in the world. Have you ever paused and actually thought […] More

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    Feminine Hygiene That People Want To Talk About – Farting CEO Goes Viral

    Who said feminine hygiene wasn’t marketable?  Well, timing is everything.  And while successful viral marketing campaigns usually occur once in every thousand attempts, this is one that can truly be called the “time of the month.” While most men hide from the truth, one man had the valor to face his fears and look for […] More

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    Comedians and Musicians Embrace New Media

    The internet has created an unprecedented opportunity for musicians, comedians and artists of all types to break free of the large media companies and promote and sell their content online themselves. New platforms and technology have made content distribution and discovery cheap and easy for artists and fans. They’ve also done the same for content […] More

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    Willy Wonka Strikes Again…In YouTube

    I was surprised once joyful afternoon to log on to one of my favorite websites, Youtube, to find a playful ad sponsored by the one and only Willy Wonka! The video asks, where would you like to go…and Willy will make it happen. Users have to submit videos to the wonka page in order to be considered. […] More