Actress Loses It During Toyota RAV4 Test-drive

Perhaps it’s a new trend. Surprise test-drive guerrilla advertising. The recipe? Get an unsuspecting person to get into a car and drive like a madman. This campaign reminds me of the when NASCAR driver, Jeff Gordon, took an unsuspecting car salesman for a test-drive for a viral pepsi advertisement video.

Here we have an unsuspecting actress that thought she was on set for a new advertisement video. Little did she know,  she’d be the the star of the video sooner than expected. With the help from Happiness Brussels, Toyota released this great video of an off-road test drive in the center of one of Belgium’s largest cities, Ghent. They hired an actress that was told she would be there to record a normal testimonial of a test drive with a RAV4. What she didn’t know was that this test drive was not like all others.

So, what do you all think of this campaign? Let us know by commenting below!

5 Replies to “Actress Loses It During Toyota RAV4 Test-drive”

  1. A; sneaky, freaky, audaciously hilariously, giggleful jiggle-full, lumpy bumpy, meaningful, screaming-full, bouncingly touchingly, wincingly convincingly, staunchly launching, of Toyota’s new RAV-4 go anywhere, do anything vehicle. A definite winner of a commercial, after which I hope that they gave her a new RAV-4 for getting the shirt scared off of her in best performance ever! !

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