Bear Naked Partners With Devin Supertramp To Bring You Urban Slip And Slide in San Francisco

What better way to beat the summer heat than with a huge slip and slide? A couple weeks ago, Bear Naked partnered with Youtube sensation, Devin Supertramp to bring you “Urban Slip and Slide”, an exciting marketing campaign hosted in Potrero hill off 17th street in San Francisco.

Setup for the event took place early in the morning on June 21st and ended around 5pm later that day. The video emphasizes that summer is a time to beat the heat and have fun, and you’ll want some fuel such as Bear Naked granola to keep your energy up.

The setup required permits from the city, padding under the slip and slide, the actual slide itself, customs and other random necessities. I was able to experience this first hand and can say that Bear Naked and Devin Supertramp know how to have fun!

Bear Naked partnered with Devin Supertramp in the past when they conceived the “Human Bowling” campaign. The company likes partnering with Devin because he already has a large fan base that is highly engaged and loyal. This helps the marketing campaigns go viral because they get to tap into his social following.

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“It’s all about the shot,” claims Devin. Watch the behind the scenes video to see all the crazy things they had to do in order to get the perfect shot. You might even see me in it! Thankfully they didn’t use the video of me taking a big fall on one of the surfboards!

Urban Slip and Slide San Francisco 1 Urban Slip and Slide San Francisco 2 Urban Slip and Slide San Francisco 3 Urban Slip and Slide San Francisco 4 Urban Slip and Slide San Francisco 5 Urban Slip and Slide San Francisco 6

Written by Ryan Lum

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