Dollar Shave Club And Their F***ING Great Blades Is A Huge Hit

Dollar Shave Club And Their F***ING Great Blades Is A Huge Hit Guerrilla Marketing Photo

How would you go about getting your new startup noticed in a very competitive industry? More importantly, how would you go about selling a product as simple as a razor blade?

Recently, two entrepreneurs by the name of Michael Dubin, 33,  and Mark Levine, 56, created a viral video that really took on the web by storm. To introduce their new startup company, the Dollar Shave Club, the duo created a viral video which promotes the company’s monthly subscription service for razor blades.

Since the recent release of the video, it has already been viewed over 3 million times. The video cost their company a total of $4,500 to make. The promotional video had tremendous results for the startup. The first day the site ended up crashing due to large amounts of web traffic. They got an initial 5,000 people to signup from its initial video launch.

Dubin, co-founder of the Dollar Shave Club, stars in the video and entertainers viewers using his comic background. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Dubin provides advice to other startups trying to go viral.

“Don’t take yourself too seriously. If you can make people laugh, they’ll remember what you’re saying,” says Dubin.

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