Finding the Connection Between Sales and Marketing

For years, there has been a wide gap disconnecting sales and marketing processes. For the casual onlooker, this seems like a crazy idea. In many cases, sales and marketing teams within the same organization are completely divorced from each other’s processes. This is interesting because at the end of the day each team performs a similar function with the same philosophy: make the brand as successful as possible. Still, each team often comes away frustrated by the lack of unity in the product marketing and sales process. In this post we’ll uncover how businesses improve once sales and marketing processes are combined into a single freight train of efficiency.

What this means for businesses

A combined sales and marketing workforce goes a long way to consolidate and even eliminate some major budgetary concerns. Once marketers and salespeople are on the same team, they can come together, look into the types of customers they want to pursue and pre-agree as to how marketing and sales dollars are spent throughout the company. In this scenario, marketing and sales staff no longer fight over available funds, but rather come up with a budget plan that streamlines the marketing and sales process as a whole.

How marketing and sales dramatically changes

  • Market research: For starters, the research phase of the sales and marketing process becomes more efficient. Through customer surveys, market segmentation analysis and competitor analysis, the sales and marketing team can use market and sales data to streamline confusing processes. For instance, marketers can have access to research data quickly. Salespeople can have an accurate picture of what is happening on the ground level before they pound the pavement for leads.
  • Shared credit: When sales and marketing are combined, the goal is not to merely outperform the other department. Rather, the end goal is customer satisfaction. Marketers do the work of attracting the right customers and salespeople hit the proverbial street to deliver a quality product to customers. In this scenario, managers will ideally reward both teams for the combined effort instead of pitting the two against each other.

Online marketing and sales

It would be silly to have a conversation about sales and marketing without talking through some of the implications of online marketing models. Marketers live in a digital world where they are always trying to move towards innovative ways of bringing marketing messages to the largest audience possible. In this scenario, as marketing processes become more efficient, sales and marketing leads become more valuable and sales processes become more efficient.

The big idea behind combining and consolidating sales and marketing processes is to create one fluid machine for boosting product success in the marketplace. This is done by blurring some well-established lines in the sand that have only hurt businesses for years. While competition isn’t a bad thing, sales and marketing professionals working against rather than with each other doesn’t work for anyone. In the end, the customer loses. If the customer is losing, it’s really the company that is losing in the long run. When sales and marketing pros are on the same team, everyone comes out a winner.


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