Valve’s Big Surpise at GDC – Portal 2


Valve played it cute at tonight’s Game Developers Choice Awards, rigging up a fake Blue Screen Of Death during boss Gabe Newell’s time on stage. Course, it wasn’tjust a BSOD. It also contained some cryptic Portal 2 marketing.

A poster over on Penny Arcade has cracked the code contained within the message (pictured above), a short statement from Valve (or GlaDOS!) buried beneath the jokes lying on the surface. Always pays to have someone able to translate hex to EBCDIC around at a time like this.

Here’s the full translation, thanks to Penny Arcade forum goers:

A fatal exception (S) has occurred at (U)(S) : (P)(E)(N)(D) in (U)(N )(T)((I)) *
(L)(E)(E)(E). The current application will be terminated.

* Press any key to flood the facility with deadly neurotoxins.
* Press CTRL+ALT+DEL again to reinstate testing. You will lose any
Non-vital personnel and their progress through the current test.

Press any key to continue _

So what does it mean?

SUSPEND UNTIL EEE = Us Pending Until e3

Looks like big news is coming at E3

Valve has been creatively hinting at the release of Portal 2 through cryptic messages embedded into the game. This is a great example of viral marketing for games.

Source: Kotaku

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