HelloFlo’s First Moon Party Is The Most Awkward Ad. Period.

With a business as unusual as organizing monthly period plans, and sending out care packages to women and girls having their period, it isn’t surprising that the HelloFlo has some equally unusual advertising ideas. A little way off our traditional frame of mind, HelloFlo’s First Moon Party isn’t exactly guerrilla marketing, but it is very creative, and with more than 17 million hits since it was uploaded just a week ago, it’s seriously popular.

The Campaign

The campaign follows the story of a girl in her early teens who is super eager to have her period (not really sure why on that one), and eventually fakes it to get into the ‘Cherry Slush Club’, but her mom has other ideas. She throws her fibbing daughter a First Moon Party, where the rest of the ad is full of punny period jokes and awkward hilarity. How did mom know? Well, as she said: “Periods don’t have glitter on them.” But the girl did get a HelloFlo period starter kit, which is what the entire thing was really about in the first place.

Why We Love It

Periods, for reasons that nobody can really articulate (probably because they feel so awkward about it) are not a regularly discussed topic. Advertisement for period products tend to show women prancing around in white trousers, or lying in a white bikini on a white beach chair. You get the idea. But although they love talking about flow mechanics, these ads don’t discuss the community aspect of having a period. Gross it might be, but it does signal you’re a proper, grown-up, reproduction-capable woman.

This is why we’re loving not only the HelloFlo concept (period kits mailed to your door, hallelujah) but the way they’ve chosen to advertise that. It’s a big embarrassing teen experience that feels kinda like the moment you have to figure out what’s going on down there and buy something to deal with it. It’s both very funny, and very entertaining, and from the number of views this video is racking up, we’re not the only people that think so.

Why It’s Smart

Although it’s the humor of this campaign that really makes it stand out, the characters are also very entertaining and make strong impressions considering the narrow window they have to work with. In particular the mother is a perfect cast and concept, totally fitting to the child. But in the end, the real reason that the HelloFlo First Moon Party works is because we want to know more information. A period starter kit? Sounds like something you’d want to read more on as either a woman and/mother and perhaps a very adventurous man.

Why It’s Viral

The First Moon Party is speaking to a shared experience, and indeed reality, of women all over the world. We all get periods, it happens every month and it can be a major annoyance in our lives. So annoying in fact, that we tend to try and ignore it until we realise that the time has come and we’re totally unprepared. That’s why HelloFlo is a viral idea, and it’s why the First Moon Party is hitting the big time virally, because it prepares for us.

It’s like they say on their site: “We can’t change biology but we can make it more fun.”

HelloFlo Full Moon Party 1 HelloFlo Full Moon Party 2 HelloFlo Full Moon Party 3


Client: Hello Flo
CEO, Founder: Naama Bloom
Written and Directed by Jamie McCelland and Pete Marquis
Production Company: Hayden 5
Producer: Todd Wiseman Jr
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Director of Photography: Josh Fisher
Production Designer: Ally Nesmith
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