How to Create a Crowd by Making People Think You’re Famous [VIDEO]

So who is this Thomas Elliot? Well according to Virginia shoppers, he is quite the celebrity.

Thomas Elliot Cramer and his team at Chill Hill Media, a production group located in Richmond, VA, entered MacArthur Center Mall with the goal to trick everyone into believing he was a celebrity.

“It just so happened to catch wind so early — a gentleman had asked for a picture not knowing who I was and then the security witnessed it,” says Cramer. “I think the security coming to aid was one of the biggest facilitators of it, just because it drew so much attention.”

The group transformed Thomas Elliot into a celebrity for the day and got mall-goers asking for his autograph and photos just because they heard he was either in Spider-Man or The Hunger Games.

The stunt was originally conducted as a bit of a social experiment. Cramer used his real first and middle name as his celebrity name. His stunt caught the eye of several news stations and celebrities such as Perez Hilton and Katie Couric.

How to Create a Crowd by Making People Think Youre Famous [VIDEO] Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Read more about the stunt on his tumblr page.

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