How To Make A Viral Video With Someone Else’s Money

How To Make A Viral Video With Someone Else’s Money Guerrilla Marketing Photo

We all dream of traveling the world…well filmmaker Casey Neistat did it in 10 days on Nike’s dollar. Nike asked Casey to create a motivational short film for their new slogan #makeitcount and promote their Nike+ FuelBand. Instead of creating the film like Nike asked, Casey took the entire movie budget and traveled around the world with his friend in a matter of 10 days. It’s safe to say, Casey tricked Nike. Or did he?

“The ‘Make It Count’ film was the third film I was to make for Nike and at the last minute I thought, ‘If I could do anything in the world and make it count what would I do?’” Neistat told CNN.

Neistat and Joseph traveled 34,000 miles, visiting 16 cities in 13 countries on three continents. The result is a four-and-a-half-minute film, which still features Nike’s “Make It Count” branding.

The film has been viewed over 3.7 million times on youtube and over 81 thousand times on vimeo. It seems that Nike got their viral video after all!

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  • Lorenzo

    In my opinion this is not a great idea because I think that a lot of people, with the same money, could have had a beautiful journey like he had.
    The first sensations that I feel, watching this video, are envy and a little anger, cause I would like to have enough money to take the flights he took and visit all the countries he visited.
    So, Nike why dont’ you pay for my next vacations??

  • Danny Flood

    Using the bikini models as the Video thumbnail is a brilliant tactic. He probably doubled, or tripled the amount of views for the video as a result of the girls posing in the bikinis.

  • Kaspars

    As many comments said, the whole project from first to last second was controlled by Nike. Don’t get to hyped thinking that you can take money from big companies and travel world like James Bond.

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  • Felipe

    How much it cost for you to take that trip? You have the plan with you??? Can you share it?

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