Introducing The Samsung Smart Window

Introducing The Samsung Smart Window Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Technology companies from all of the world gathered at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) a couple days ago to showcase their latest work and innovation. With new technology comes greater opportunity. Although this is not a direct guerrilla marketing example, we cannot help but to see the correlation between this future technology and how it effects the marketing game. Smartphone are becoming more integrated, tablet pcs are becoming more mainstream and computers are getting faster and slimmer. With all the innovation, it was difficult to decide what company truly innovated outside the box. One concept really blew us away. It’s the Samsung Smart Window.

Introducing The Samsung Smart Window Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Something straight out of ‘Minority Report’, the window allows you to check your favorite social media networks on a transparent window and still function as a traditional window (without the hassle of actually having physical blinds that often break and fall apart). This is just the kind of stuff we were hoping to see in 2012. Now all we need to worry about is someone hacking our window!

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