NASCAR Driver Jeff Gordon Takes Car Salesman for Wild Ride in Pepsi Ad

Jeff Gordon, a professional race car driver, decided to play a little prank on an unsuspecting car salesman for what hopes to be a viral advertisement for Pepsi.

In a new Pepsi spot, Gordon puts on an elaborate disguise (facial hair, wrinkles) and shows up at a car dealership to “test drive” a Chevy Camaro with an unsuspecting car salesman. Gordon acts like a timid driver that has never driven a powerful vehicle before, but once he gets in the drivers seat, he guns it.

The stunt took place on what appears to be a closed coarse. It’s safe to assume that the dealership was in on the prank, but judging the reactions of the car salesman, he was clearly not in on the joke.

nascar car salesman nascar car salesman 2 nascar car salesman 3

Written by Ryan Lum

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