Nike: Casey Neistat Is Back With Do More

Last year filmmaker Casey Neistat turned the camera on himself while promoting Nike’s latest product, the FuelBand. Instead of promoting the product directly, he used the sponsorship money to travel the world. He called this video, “Make It Count.

The video reached over 8 million views on YouTube. Nike certainly got the viral video they wanted. There was only one problem. The FuelBand wasn’t even out yet. During the whole video, the FuelBand is nowhere to be seen.

Well now he is back with a new video to rectify the situation and continue to live his dreams. It’s about ‘doing more.’

In his latest video he is able to revisit some of the places he went and actually use the device and show its true function. It’s an inspiring and uplifting video that will certainly get you geared up to start the new year. We can only assume this video will be just as successful.

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