Old Spice’s Latest Viral Video: Get Shaved in the Face

Old Spice has certain moved away from being your father’s deodorant brand to one of the most hilarious viral video and cool deodorant brands. Ever since they changed the image of the typical Old Spice man from something an old nautical sailor would use to a ripped and jacked african american man, they’ve been turning heads.

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Targeting a whole new market and changing their messaging to be the funny and cool brand, caters to a younger audience and has captured our hearts.

Thank you Old Spice for the Old Spice man, and with Terry Crews at the helm, you guys are just even more awesome! Here is their latest soon-to-be viral video. I give you, “Get shaved in the face.”

Old Spice Get Shaved In The Face 1 Old Spice Get Shaved In The Face 2 Old Spice Get Shaved In The Face 3

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