KitKat Creates a TV Ad Showing ‘Absolutely Nothing’

It’s that time of the year again for brands that want to be part of the Christmas spirit, creating campaigns that include Christmas songs, family dinners, emotional messages and endless shopping for your favorite people. However, not everyone is impressed with these campaigns and that’s why KitKat decided to be different.

You don’t have to hate Christmas to feel overwhelmed from the numerous Christmas campaigns that show up in December. In fact, you may actually love that wonderful time of the year, but still, wish you could remove the Christmas branding noise, even for a while. KitKat probably created the perfect TV ad for those people, showing 30 seconds of ‘absolutely nothing.’

In the latest KitKat ad named “Christmas Break“, there is a grey screen for the whole time and just a narrator reminding us the reasons we all need a break from Christmas. In fact, he starts by saying “welcome to nothing” and continues with a promise that this ad doesn’t feature anyone suggesting gifts to buy, families gathering around the table, or sentimental songs and dances. It’s time to enjoy the “nothing”, appreciating even the single moment you’re experiencing without a jingle bell, a snowflake, or a celebrity.

And just when you’re starting to agree that it feels good enjoying this silence, still wondering why KitKat created this ad, the ad finishes with the popular slogan: ‘have a break, have a KitKat’.

As you can see, KitKat managed to grab the audience’s attention with a clever, and possibly brave, campaign, managing to stand out from the rest, simply by placing a grey scene, a voiceover and finishing with the necessary branding message. In fact, the consistency of its branding message is actually impressive, as it manages to fit it in any occasion, even in a considerably ‘boring’ campaign.

Not everyone will be impressed by the idea and it certainly depends on the expectations of each customer and brand on whether you like it or not, but it’s still an interesting idea on how to use your creativity to produce a campaign that is far from the expected at this time of the year.

What do you think of the ad? Genius or boring?


Client: KitKat
Business Unit Head, Biscuits: Haseeb Rahman
Creative Agency: J. Walter Thompson, London
Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
Creatives: Ryan Lawson, Andy Smith
TV Producer: Laurence Barber
Global Director in Charge: James Whitehead
Business Director: Gillian Milner
Senior Account Director: Paola Natellis
Account Manager: Charlotte Humphries
Director: Connor Pearce
Editor: J. Walter Thompson
Sound: Hogarth

Burger King Goes Back to The Future With Hovertray

Burger King seems to be a  ‘Back to The Future’ fan, which led them to a proper celebration for the ‘Back to The Future’ day.

Every ‘Back to The Future’ fan celebrated the arrival of the day that the future turned into present, with October 21st being full of references to the popular movie. Burger King and the French advertising agency Buzzman have decided to take it to the next level by creating a video, inspired by ‘Back to The Future’.

The idea was to solve the problem of finding seats when visiting a Burger King store, with the solution being provided in the most creative way! In the video there are two customers that try to find a seat to eat their meals, when they realise that they don’t actually need them, as their tray, the so-called Hovertray, defies the laws of gravity. This way, they don’t need to worry about finding a seat or carrying the tray anymore, leaving to them the task to simply enjoy their meals. The impressed customers try to believe what they just experienced (and the viewers are probably already wondering whether this is actually real), when a customer mentions the possibility of actually having a seat, which makes the Hovetray pointless.

That’s when the voiceover adds that it may be totally pointless when you have a seat, but yet, it’s cool! And that’s the whole concept of the video. It was made as a fresh and funny reference to the ‘Back to the Future’ trend of the past weeks, in a cool way that still acknowledges the humorous element, creating an entertaining and cool video.

In case you’re wondering, there are no plans for a Hovertray from Burger King, although many customers would love to have one! However, the video was considered successful, as it created buzz, it led to more than 100.000 views in a week, and it proved that Burger King France, along with Buzzman, know how to stay relevant and create the right video for the right moment.

And that’s exactly what is needed for a successful video campaign!


Advertising Agency: Buzzman, Paris, France
Production Company: Les Improductibles
Director: Romain Quirot
Creatives: Louis Audard, Tristan Daltroff

Whiskas Opens An Absolutely Adorable “Kitten Kollege”

Cats, especially kittens, were always a favorite subject for the Internet world and it feels that we never run out of cute, funny and interesting cat videos on Youtube. Whiskas seems to know how to grab our attention!

Whiskas UK has decided to open the “Kitten Kollege”, a Youtube channel that addresses any cat lover that wants to learn more about their favourite pet, so they decided to promote it with a series of funny and clever videos.

Whiskas Opens "Kitten Kollege"

The Kitten Kollege campaign was created along with the agency AMV BBDO, in collaboration with Google and Mediacom, featuring content that was developed with College Humor. In the first video, which marked the launch of the Youtube channel, we are introduced to the idea of the Kitten Kollege, which is proud to be at ‘the forefront of feline education’, focusing on the academic, athletic and artistic development of the kittens. A series of funny (and adorable) moments begins, along with funny lines about the cats learning about the ‘string theory’ and ‘thinking outside of the box’, while they also study literature, such as Cat-22, The Prince of Persian and the works of Katka.

Whiskas Opens "Kitten Kollege"

The campaign uses the phrase ‘long live curiosity’ as a way to remind us how the adorable kittens grow up while playing, mentioning, of course, that they also need the right nutrition to stay healthy. Thus, Whiskas achieves the right brand exposure in a very appealing campaign, which boosts their brand’s social status even more by the fact that the Youtube channel offers 12 videos from the Kitten Kollege series, reminding to the rest of the brands that additional content for a campaign is always a good idea.

Whiskas Opens "Kitten Kollege"

What’s even more important is the fact that the focus of the campaign was the mobile audience, with Whiskas knowing that mobile audience that consumes content is growing and virality may be easier, especially when the content will also appear on YouTube, Facebook, College Humor and the Whiskas website.

It’s the right combination of kittens, humour and educational content about cat lovers that turns the idea into a success, with Whiskas UK counting the video views, increasing their Youtube followers, but also boosting their brand’s awareness. What else do you need through a campaign?



Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK
Creative Directors: Alex Grieve, Adrian Rossi
Copywriter: Rob Messeter
Art Director: Mike Crowe
Agency Planners: Ila De Mello Kamath, Niamh Power
Agency Account Man: Oliver Clark, Richard Moloney, Chris Cannell, Ben Blackall
Agency Producers: Selina Dey, Edwina Dennison
Media Agency: MediaCom
Media Planner: Matt Delaney
Production Company: College Humour / AMV Flare
Directors: Matt Enlow, Simon Freidberg
Producer: Kate Grady
Post-production Company / Audio Post-production / Digital Design Company: College Humour

Fake or Real: 5 Effective Marketing Tips to Make Your Videos Go Viral

“Nathan for You” is a popular series on Comedy Central where comedian Nathan Fielder meets with businesses around the country and helps catapult their success. Of course, because it’s a good comedy, the ideas are always terrible and usually disastrous for anyone involved. But there was one operation that ended up being a wild, viral success.

If you know your YouTube videos, you might remember the one where a cute little pig rescues a baby goat struggling to swim in a small pond. The video has 9.3 million views, and it was on major morning shows like “Today” and “Regis and Kelly.” Everyone loved it. Except there was just one problem — it was totally fake. Shortly after the video’s success, the season premiere of “Nathan for You” revealed that it was all an elaborate hoax and a good one at that.

Maybe your goal isn’t to fool people into believing a false viral video, but there are some tips and tricks to learn from Nathan Fielder, who did create a video that swept the nation.

Keep It Simple

It’s called a “viral” video because a successful one replicates quickly. This means your message has to be fast and to the point. “Pig Rescues Baby Goat” is a brief 29 seconds, and that’s more than enough time to pitch your message. Think about some of the best Super Bowl commercials. Almost all of the most memorable ones have been 30 seconds or less.

Have Multiple Ideas

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel is no stranger to viral videos. He puts out several each year, hoping one will stick, and he usually gets his way. The key to Jimmy’s success is that he always keeps more than one ace up his sleeve. Not every viral campaign strikes gold, so it’s important to keep a bank of ideas and have them ready for the next go-around so your company doesn’t lose momentum.

Viral Doesn’t Equal a Big Budget

In fact, some of the best viral campaigns are done with little to no money at all. It keeps the message endearing and authentic. There are several ways to cut back on spending, including using a smartphone camera for pictures or videos, finding costumes online instead of at a professional costume store or shooting on location (just like ESPN’s “This Is SportsCenter” commercials do).

Properly Execute the Launch

Don’t let poor execution ruin a good idea. If you have a campaign worthy of viral success, network with bloggers in your industry who are willing to link to it or talk about it. Their initial push helps get the ball rolling and earn some momentum for what you hope will be a strong run. Share the love if bloggers ask the same of you someday. This also is a great way to build professional relationships in the process.

Don’t Forget to Optimize

While a viral video depends on people, there is one technical aspect to it — search optimization. The fact is, if no one can find your campaign, it’s basically dead before it starts. Make sure your site is optimized for search, your YouTube description has the right buzzwords and your social media hashtags are in order. All of your campaign’s properties have to be on the same page for your next project to truly go viral.