Red Bull Stratos branded content at 1.300 Km/h

RedBull Stratos Mission Accomplished

Red Bull, Felix Baumgartner and the team of experts are to be congratulated as they played the leading role in a historical marketing stunt that connected live on with over 7.5 million enthusiasts from all over the world and wrote a piece of history on October 14th of 2012: Red Bull Stratos Branded Content is a Mission Accomplished.

Red Bull Stratos branded content at 1.300 Km/h Guerrilla Marketing Photo

RedBull Stratos Mission Accomplished

Many other millions (such as myself) have replayed the jump to the edge of space and Felix’s journey at least 3 times after believing it… yes, it is possible to jump from out of space and land safely home. Felix Baumgartner accelerated to a top speed of 1342.8 km/h during a freefall of 4m 19s and so he now holds the record of highest freefall, highest manned balloon flight, first freefall to break the speed of sound barrier and one of the longest freefall ever made.

As to Red Bull, this is one of the most incredible, insane and powerful marketing accomplishment for a brand in the last half a century – and I would dare to say, the greatest stunt ever made since content marketing is being recognized as a marketing tool. This was a branded historical moment and viral marketing and Red Bull owned it – if it was not a love mark before, Red Bull now is. Thus, Red Bull Stratos branded content is a world record breaker as well.

Although the leading part was played by Red Bull and Felix, the luxury watches brand, Zenith, also played its roll very well as I bet it’s awareness indicators are off the charts now as well as purchase intention. Well done!

Red Bull Stratos branded content at 1.300 Km/h Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Zenith Watches Stratos Mission

Overall, I would like to thank Red Bull, Felix Baumgartner, Zenith and the whole Red Bull Stratos team behind this amazing branded content mission for your creativity, your limitless attitude and brave deed to let us learn and enjoy this piece of branded history.

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