The 10 Best “Get a Mac” Ads

Apple does mac viral videos and guerrilla marketing advertisementLove them or hate them, Apple’s iconic “Get a Mac” ads have made a huge impact on pop culture. Today, we’ve learned that the campaign is slated for the deadpool.

In an interview with the Onion’s A.V. Club, actor Justin Long was asked about the status of the campaign. He responded, “I heard from [fellow actor in the spots] John [Hodgman], I think they’re going to move on[…] Not only am I going to miss doing them, but also working with John.”

AdWeek called “Get a Mac” the best campaign of the decade. The four-year campaign spawned countless YouTube (YouTube) parodies from fans and foes alike and even the occasional Linux (Linux) user. Now that it’s over, let’s take a look back on 1- of the most popular ads — and a couple of parodies, as well.

Better Results — Ad #13

Featuring the lovely Gisele Bündchen as a Mac home movie and a rather shoddy-looking transvestite as a PC home movie.

Get a Mac, ft. Mr. Bean

This parody video is about 3 times more popular than “Better Results” on YouTube. Yes, Bündchen is gorgeous and famous, but no one can dance like Mr. Bean.

Naughty Step

Speaking of Mr. Bean, there is a land not so far away where gas is “petrol,” fries are “chips” and ads are “adverts.” Apple made a slew of “Get a Mac” commercials featuring UK comedic duo Mitchell and Webb.

Surgery — Ad #21

Apple struck marketing gold with the release of Windows Vista (). Many of the “Get a Mac” ads centered on how buggy, crash-y and all-around awful Microsoft’s latest OS was.

Choose a Vista — Ad #27

Wheel of Fortune meets Windows () operating systems in this classic YouTube clip.

Sad Song (Long) — Ad #43b

Here’s another ad centering on the woes of Vista. Anyone who can work “Control, alt, delete” into a tune gets my vote.

Novell “Get a Mac” Spoof #2

Ah, the joys of open source software! This parody ad, one of three created by Novell, touts the benefits of Linux distros: They’re free, and you can change them up any time you like.

Security — Ad #23

Anyone who had to suffer through Vista can appreciate the PC/secret service guy dialog in this ad.

Broken Promises — Ad #64

So, after running dozens of ads based on how much Vista sucked, here’s Apple’s response to Windows 7.

Get a Mac: PC Finally Snaps

This student video illustrates a sentiment among PC owners and ad types that the entire “Get a Mac” campaign is misleading and the brand’s position is one of unbearable smugness and schadenfreude.

If you’d like to see more “Get a Mac” ads, check out AdWeek’s retrospective, which features all 66 commercials in the campaign in a conveniently organized timeline.


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