Triple Black Challenge ft. Triple Black Collection by Foot Locker #FLTV #Tripleblack

If ever there was an agency that had taken advertising out of its own comfort zone and into the glorious realms of new experience, it would be Hot Cow with their Triple Black Challenge for Foot Locker. This agency, and this campaign, goes way beyond what we might have expected from them, or have come to expect from any campaign, leaving us thoroughly impressed and happy to spread it around.

The Campaign

To celebrate and advertise a new limited edition collection at Foot Locker called Triple Black, Hot Cow came together with Foot Locker to create some seriously experimental advertising. Taking their inspiration from the trainers themselves (there are six different Nike and Adidas shoe designs in the collection, all of which are completely black), and with just 9 days to set it up and execute it, they created the Triple Black Challenge. A couple of eager and willing participants, for the glory of a free pair of shoes from the limited edition collection, were thrust into the darkness of a warehouse maze and told to navigate through the many obstacles, find the shoes, and get out again.

Why It’s Awesome

Well, there are just so many things about this campaign that we absolutely love, not the least of which is the unique way in which both Hot Cow and Foot Locker have chosen to present these shoes to the world. After all, shoes are a pretty old subject when it comes to advertising, so why not make them new in a rather unique way?

Certainly, one of the big reasons that the Triple Black campaign works is because it’s so unusual, but that unusual aspect is still carefully linked with the themes of the campaign. Black is obviously a recurring pattern throughout, and the way in which it’s presented, in the void of the warehouse, makes it very effective. Additionally, the challenge that the participants have to go through in the warehouse in order to get the shoes also has an effect on the audience watching it home. It tells them that these shoes aren’t just good, they’re worth putting yourself through something terrifying and out of your depth just to possess them.

Immersive Marketing

What the Triple Black Challenge illustrates, for those not familiar with this type of guerrilla marketing, is a kind of immersive marketing. Other brands have, in the past, done this with virtual reality screens, but in this case Foot Locker’s campaign is one that participants can actually live through. As the Triple Black Challenge is a totally immersive experience that is filled with high emotions like fear and success, it has a marked impact on the levels of engagement among customers, both participating and watching.

We can see that this method was a success as the campaign has already knocked up over 1.5 million YouTube hits, and has reached a point where the exciting experience of the Triple Black Challenge, and the customer experience of purchasing the shoes, are one and the same.

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