Using Chatroulette for Guerrilla Advertising

Chatroulette Advertising Example with Fancy FeastThis is a great example of guerrilla marketing and social media combined. For those of you who don’t know, Chatroulette is a social media website that allows users to randomly connect to one another via webcam chats.

One enterprising creative (Yotube name: mtgentry) has utilized the platform to show how clever advertisements can capture the short attention spans of Chatroulette users and expose a brand – Fancy Feast cat food.

The Ad – click here to view – shows a cat on a desk chair with a crown on its head, which is cute enough to keep Strangers connected, and then the chair transforms into a throne and the background into a castle. The shot pans out and the Fancy Feast brand appears with the byline: celebrate the moment. Very quick and clever ad playing to the collective love internet users have for all things cute, especially cats.

While this ad is admirable for its ability to capture interest, as it stands it is not a strong marketing push because its reach cannot be measured. The anonymous and fleeting nature of the ad does not allow marketers to track customer experience.

However, had the advertiser inserted a link within the chat during the exposure, maybe he could start tracking the reach.

Fancy Feast on Chatroulette

I find it interesting that companies such as AXE are not using this obvious target market to deploy some of their ads.

Have any of you encountered Guerrilla Marketing or Advertisements on Chatroulette?

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