Viral Marketing is Buzzword in Marketing World

Though it might sound crazy, viral marketing has all ingredients to send shivers down your spine – either in the form of content creating an impact or images popping up on your screen. The question much debatable — can marketing techniques be trusted to increase brand awareness so as to achieve the marketing objectives?

Both viral marketing and viral advertising go hand-in-hand. Viral marketing is the buzz word that can be used extensively through flash games, video clips, eBooks, email and text messages, or website pages.

It can be expressed through the word of mouth or improved with mobile networks and internet effects. Incentive based, pass along based, undercover based or trendy based are commonly used to transmit viral messages.

What is Viral marketing?

Viral marketing is nothing but a social virus that spreads its tentacles in public domain, and thus it defines the concept of your cause and business.

It involves two methods – Firstly, it is somewhat traditional that refers to selling your product online. On the other hand, it enables other videos help a specific product to create an impact among large audience. YouTube and Hotmail are such examples.

In reality, it can be compared to a movie. Expect lots of crowd using them or watching them. Both these services and products must improve once more people use it.

Viral marketing persuades websites and users to pass on a marketing message to other sites and users. Hence, it creates an exponential growth in the message’s visibility and effect. Without doubt, Hotmail is considered as a successful viral marketing that promotes its advertisers’ and service messages in every user’s e-mail notes.

What makes Videos ‘Viral’?

Crazy stunts are hilarious to watch over the web. You could earn a living by creating them go viral. Nothing is more exciting than creating for the Guinness Book of World Records. Or, to that extent there are several such videos that are described as dangerous.

Earlier, YouTube opened a backdoor especially for users to enter in the information and entertainment industry. But, it’s somewhat complicated for generating ad revenue from videos which excel on Google-owned site.

Are any strings attached for videos to go viral? Perhaps, there are emotions which strike the chord between how an audience feels and those who display them on the web.

In short, content is gaining popularity due to its merit and not by any system that helps it to generate clicks. Brands and agencies, on the other hand, pay to go viral despite it being against YouTube’s rules.

8 Tips to Create Social Video Campaign

Sharing ideas and promoting fads is what makes a video. By using computer and camera, you can create videos to engage others in a conversation. They can grab the attention of the users to visit more.

Consider these tips to make social media videos work:

1) Publish on regular basis

Make it a habit to post your content for regular viewership. A lot of successful websites, blogs or social media accounts get updated often that contain useful data for those viewing.

If you publish such videos, you can hope to receive appreciation in the short-run. It is advisable to experiment them with running a video series that responds to the previous posts and through guest videos which are provided by your visitors.

2) Restoring your energy levels

Powerful and explosive videos can revitalize all your energies as they make an impact in the internet world. People tend to watch the stuff so as to take a break from boredom.

3) Teach creatively

Creativity is useful to mould young minds. Add creative elements in social media videos so that your kids are able to learn and grasp well. The sole purpose is to engage them with fun-filled activities. For instance, several websites like best off’s, top-10 lists, etc, are often described as the most watched videos on the web that help viewers do things without losing their attention.

4) Let others join your conversation

Invite people to join a debate or conversation in the social media videos. These invitees could include professionals or experts who can give you an opinion as to what they feel is considered as the best.

5) Involve viewers

To maintain your traffic, engage your viewers in a video. Follow them through emails, comments and queries. Ask viewers whether they appreciated what they saw and how they think future videos can be improved.

6) Surprise users

Surprise your users if the content on the social videos contain rich informative content. If your video runs stale news, people won’t like to use it in the first place and won’t even dare to buy it.

7) Call to Action

Every move has to be first tracked and monitored carefully. A call-to-action makes this possible. Create a platform pertaining to information of your organization.

Allow them to pursue you the moment you think the video is completed and it’s time to check-out for another website. Here subscriptions, contests and products will help you define your presence in the short-run.

8) Share content

The more you share your content with catchy headlines and links, the more avenues will be opened in the world of videos. Share your videos through major social media networks. In short, they will be passed among the relevant audience for years to come.

Success Stories of Social Videos

1) Track your viewers

Reach out for the right audience. The message should be loud and clear! If you provide excellent output in videos, your users will appreciate and even discuss with their friends. Anyway, videos are basic source of information to win hearts if you target them among the respective peer group.

2) Select proper triggers

Appropriate triggers can forecast the success of the social video levels. Humorous, beautiful and astonishing are popular reasons that enable people to approve them.

3) Raise the volume

Turn your attention towards social triggers. Focus on at least two triggers so that they can work on optimum levels. For example, if laugh is considered as your trigger, you can get a better deal that is worthy of a wild giggle.

The rule of thumb is if your video is able to get social success, it can involve lots of physical reactions from the viewer.

Create the Right Sort Of Video

If you aspire to create viral videos similar to a Trojan virus that spreads the web, make it a point to include these categories:

  • Funny: Viral videos sell like hot cakes if they are humorous. Inform your friends about it via Facebook, email, Twitter or Facebook. But, remember, what makes your audience to share a clip running for at least three minutes?

At the end of the day, it is perception that matters that can make them laugh or get amused or even to the extent share every bit of content in the first place.

  • Weird: Audiences love to stay glued to an unusual video like Gangnam Style. If you post such video, there are more chances to get viral as it happens to be memorable.
  • Outrageous: A movie like Satanic Verses is outrageous online as it could spark tensions in the Middle East. If you are in the small business world, outrageous is probably not what you want.

Benefits of Viral marketing

Branding a product is not everyone’s cup of tea. Promoting it through viral marketing involves many advantages like low costs, credibility, efficiency, good reach and opportunity. Here both time and resources are available at your doorstep.

This form of marketing is heavily dependent on Internet so as to reach wide spectrum of audience through marketing messages. Though it is an effective online form, it is also referred as buzz marketing. The moment a buzz is created, you can expect value-added incentives for your audiences. This approach will help them to forward their messages to others.

Summing up

The entire concept may sound bizarre and appears as a work of fiction in the first place. Viral videos are somewhat like movies where audiences especially the youth prefer to watch them time and again.

But from the industry point of view, only large enterprises stand to gain in running such videos to market their product. In this article, I have elaborated the purpose of viral marketing, how viral videos can go viral, success stories behind them and how they can influence the industry.

I hope the write-up will prove handy in the long-run. Looking forward for your comments…

Alan Smith is an avid tech blogger with vast experience in various IT domains, currently associated with SPINX Inc., a Los Angeles, California based website design and web development company. Visit our Website Design Portfolio page. Follow Alan on Google + and Twitter.


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